Metroid Dread - Screw Attack Misc. Upgrade

An overview of Screw Attack Misc. Upgrade for Samus in Metroid Dread. Included are some basic information on the upgrade, description, effects, where to get, and many more.

Metroid Dread - Screw Attack Misc. Upgrade

Screw Attack Misc. Upgrade Overview

Here’s an overview on Screw Attack for Samus, a miscellaneous upgrade for her available in Metroid Dread. You can learn more about this misc. upgrade, on how to get, effects, and details on it.

Screw Attack Misc. Upgrade

Name Description

Screw Attack

Surrounds Samus with powerful energy during a Spin Jump, allowing her to damage enemies upon impact.

Where to Get

This misc. upgrade skill for Samus is located and can be unlocked in Artaria.

How to Use

Press B button twice to perform a spinning jump.

Screw Attack Strategies

Destroying blocks

Aside from damaging enemies that are cloaked in electrical energy using this ability, Samus can also destroy Screw Attack Blocks and reach new areas.

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