Metroid Dread - Game Controls

A breakdown of Metroid Dread game controls for the Nintendo Switch, covering both action and exploration commands in the game.

Metroid Dread - Game Controls

Game Controls in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread - Game Controls

Here is a breakdown of game controls in Metroid Dread, covering action and exploration commands.

Action and Battle Commands

Metroid Dread - Action and Battle Commands Controls

Input Command
L Stick Movement
L Stick (Tilt Downward) Crouch
← L Stick Expand Minimap
A Button Examine / Continue Dialogue / Select
B Button Jump / Wall Jump (Near Wall)
 Y Button Shoot Beam
X Button Melee Counter / Dash Melee (While Running)
L/R Stick + ZL Button Dash Melee
R Button Missile Mode
R Button (Hold) +  Y Button Shoot Missile
L Button (Hold) + L Stick Free Aim
L/R Stick + ZL Button Slide
+ Button Map
– Button Options

Exploration and Map Commands

Metroid Dread - Exploration and Map Commands Controls

Input Command
L Stick Move Cursor
L Stick (Press) Reset Position
R Stick Fast Cursor
A Button Place Marker on Map
B Button Close Map
 Y Button Highlight Icons
X Button View Global Map
R Button View Samus Profile
L Button View Mission Log
ZR Button Zoom Out/In
ZL Button Zoom Out/In
+ Button Map

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