Metroid Dread - Standard Abilities

List of all standard abilities in Metroid Dread, including their description and how to use them effectively in the game.

Metroid Dread - Standard Abilities

All Standard Abilities in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread - Standard Abilities

Here is a list of all standard abilities in Metroid Dread, including an overview and how to effectively use them in the game. These abilities are not locked and are usable immediately in the game.

When you play the main story, Samus will lose her powerful abilities, weapon upgrades, equipment, and etc. What is left to her are basic abilities that the player needs to master in order to survive the early stages of the game.

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Free Aim

Metroid Dread - Free Aim

Free Aim is a basic ability where Samus aims her arm cannon to a target and shoots. In the previous game, Metroid: Samus Returns, Samus had to plant her feet in order to aim freely. She can adjust her aim up and down to the direction her facing.

You can effectively use Free Aim to target objects or enemies at any angle. Free Aim can be used against static and moving objects or enemies.

Free Aim Guide

Melee Counter

Metroid Dread - Melee Counter

Melee Counter enables Samus to execute a well-timed knockback attack. This makes the enemy off-balance and leaves them open to powerful attacks. This ability debut from Metroid: Samus Returns and now it can be used while running with a Dash Melee.

To effectively use this ability, use the Melee Counter against offensive actions and deadly strikes from enemies, including E.M.M.I.s.

Melee Counter Guide

Dash Melee

Metroid Dread - How to do Dash Melee

Maintain the momentum of Samus’ Melee Counter by using Dash Melee. Samus will jump in close to the enemy to deal a counter-attack.

Use Dash Melee after you execute a Melee Counter immediately.

Dash Melee Guide


Metroid Dread - How to do Slide

Fit through small and long gaps by sliding without stopping. This is a new ability that debut in Metroid Dread.

In order to execute a slide, make sure Samus has a running start.

Slide Guide

Wall Jump

Metroid Dread - How to do Wall Jump

Samus has unparalleled physical abilities that make her jump actions to another level. Her Wall Jumping enables her to jump up and kick off against a wall to climb even higher areas.

Her wall jumping capabilities can also be enhanced via Ability Upgrades. For example, the new Spin Boost ability allows Samus to jump a second time while spinning through the air.

Wall Jump Guide

Ledge Grab

Metroid Dread - How to do Ledge Grab

The Ledge Grab allows Samus to hang to a  side of a ledge and climb up. Samus can still use Free Aim to damage enemies.

While on Ledge Grab, eliminate enemies by using her Power Beam or Missile attacks. Also, you can use Melee Counter against close enemies.

Ledge Grab Guide

Power Beam

Metroid Dread - How to do Power Beam Attack

The Power Beam is one of the default weapons available to Samus. It can be accessed through her Arm Cannon. Her Power Beam can also be used not only to damage weak enemies but also open Power Beam Doors.

Power Beam Guide

Samus’ Power Beam can be upgraded further in order to deal more damage, acquire additional effects, and open other door types.

All Beam Weapon Upgrades


Metroid Dread - How to do Missile Weapon Attack

In addition, Samus can also access Missiles to her starting arsenal. Unlike the Power Beam, Missiles take time to cast and charge. However, the damage is stronger compared to a Power Beam attack.

Missile Guide

Similarly, Missiles can also be upgraded to deal more damage, acquire additional effects, and destroy Missible blocks or covers.

All Missile Weapon Upgrades

Power Suit

Metroid Dread - Power Suit Options

Samus’ Power Suit returns to its original form. It protects her from the harsh environments and creatures encountered in ZDR. This suit is based on Chozo technology and was made for her. The suit can be upgraded in terms of its Arm Cannon weapon upgrades and defense system by acquiring two kinds of Energy Tank items. Four Energy Parts convert into one Energy Tank.

Since the Power Suit is still vulnerable to extreme heat and cold, the players can acquire other power suits such as the Varia Suit, which helps her reduce damage and insulates extreme heat. It also boosts the damage of Dash Melee.

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