Metroid Dread - How to Get Power Suit

A guide on how to get the Power Suit in Metroid Dread. Included are the suit's features and unique abilities, Power Suit location, and an in-depth guide on where to find it.

Metroid Dread - How to Get Power Suit Upgrade

How to Get Power Suit

Power Suit Features

Metroid Dread - Power Suit
  • Samus’ default suit.
  • Average arm cannon and melee damage.
  • Average heat and cold resistance.

How to Unlock All Suits

Power Suit Location

Metroid Dread - Power Suit

The Power Suit is Samus’ starting suit in Metroid Dread and is a modified version of her suit in Metroid Fusion. It comes with no ability upgrades, average arm cannon and melee damage, and average heat and cold resistance. It precedes the Varia Suit, Gravity Suit, and Metroid Suit in order of acquisition.

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