Metroid Dread - How to Use Missiles

A guide on how to use Missiles in Metroid Dread. Included are basic information on Missiles, control inputs, and useful tips and strategies.

Metroid Dread - How to Use Missiles

How to Use Missiles in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread - How to Use Missiles

Missiles are among the most versatile weapons in Samus’ arsenal, allowing her to destroy enemies as well as missile blocks, missile covers, and other obstacles to reveal hidden passageways to new areas in the game. Missiles are best used in Free Aim, allowing you to more accurately hit targets without wasting ammo.


To fire a missile, hold the R button and press the Y button. The decent rate-of-fire makes missiles a good option against tough enemies, especially bosses in the game.

Action Input
Fire Missile Press and hold R button + press the Y button.

When trying to destroy obstacles that are not directly in front of you, use Free Aim and adjust the angle of your shot. Note that you can also activate Free Aim when when running, jumping, crouching, or hanging from a ledge.

Tips for Using Missiles

Use Free Aim.

Free Aim allows you to more accurately target obstacles or enemies to make each limited missile shot count. As you progress through the game, try to get comfortable aiming while on the move, while jumping, or while clinging onto magnetic strips to expand the approaches available to you in battle.

Decide when to use missiles.

Enemies defeated using Melee Counters and Dash Melee drop more items, including missiles which should give you a healthy stock of ammo while going through the various levels. For new players who are still trying to get used to pulling off counters, it may be better to use the Power Beam for most situations and save missiles for tougher enemies like bosses or destroying obstacles.

Look for missile tanks and missile+ tanks.

Finding missile tanks increases the maximum amount of missiles you can store at a time by 2. Missile+ tanks, meanwhile, let you hold 10 more missiles. Be sure to diligently search areas for breakable blocks and barriers to find these power-ups throughout the game.

All Missile Tank Locations

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