Metroid Dread - Ferenia Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough and guide for Ferenia in Metroid Dread, including obtainable power-ups, weapons, ability upgrades, bosses encountered, and strategies on how to clear the level.

Metroid Dread - Ferenia Walkthrough and Guide

Ferenia Walkthrough and Guide in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread main story walkthrough and strategy guide for Ferenia. Included also are all unlockable ability upgrades and power-ups, obtainable items and collectibles, and bosses.

Planet ZDR Locations


Traveling through the 5th EMMI Zone

1 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughEncounter with the 5th EMMI (purple).
2 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughPrepare to battle Robot Chozo Soldier.
3 The Robot Chozo Soldier’s attack patterns are quite easy to get down. In general, you want to jump over the boss or running back and forth to avoid its attacks. When you see openings, pepper him with Missiles.

Metroid Dread - Ferenia Walkthrough

The Robot Chozo Soldier has two types of melee attacks. The first, indicated by the boss’ arm glowing red, is an uppercut that you can avoid by jumping ahead of time to get behind him. The second melee attack, which is indicated by blue energy around the boss’ arm, is a straight rush. You can also jump over this attack or melee counter it.

4 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughThe Robot Chozo Soldier can also use ranged attacks, though they are not too difficult to avoid. The boss can fire three shots in a row that you can avoid by jumping or moving back and forth. It’s charged shot, meanwhile, can simply be avoided by jumping.
5 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughMove through the headwind using Speed Booster.
6 Travel back to Dairon.


Getting the Missile Tank

1 Synch with Adam.
2 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughGet the Missile Tank using Speed Booster.

Metroid Dread - Ferenia Walkthrough

3 Travel to Burenia.


Defeat Drogyga.

1 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughGet the Energy Part using Speed Booster.
2 Download a map of the area using the Map Station.
3 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughGet the Missile Tank.
4 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughPrepare to battle Drogyga.
5 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughThe general strategy against Drogyga is to damage its overhead tentacles using Missiles. You can also use Charge Beam, though Missiles are more effective.
6 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughDrogyga will shoot red and blue balls during the fight. You can shoot down the latter with Missiles, Charge Beam, or regular attacks to get Missile ammo. The Red balls, meanwhile, cannot be destroyed.
7 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughWatch out when Drogyga’s tentacles start to shake as it will throw out a double attack. Avoid it by jumping. Drogyga also has a tentacle thrust move that you can dodge by timing a jump.
8 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughDuring the fight, activate the devices on the left and right side of the area to drain the water. Drogyga will flutter when you deal damage to its tentacles, giving you time to hit the devices. To reach the device on the right side, use Grappling Beam and Spider Magnet.
9 Metroid Dread - Ferenia WalkthroughAttack Drogyga’s core using missiles. Be careful of its tentacle attack just as the core closes. This can be melee countered and allow you to use Missiles even during event sequences.
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