NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - 15 Nightmares Guide

A guide on the 15 Nightmares (World of Recycled Vessel) optional dungeons in Nier Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139. Included are basic information on the extra dungeons, how to unlock, mechanics, recommended level to do them, rewards, obtainable items, and how to get the Dear Diary trophy (achievement).

NieR Replicant Remaster - 15 Nightmares Guide

15 Nightmares Dungeon Guide in NieR Repicant Remaster

NieR Replicant Remaster - 15 Nightmares Guide

15 Nightmares, also called The World of Recycled Vessel, is a series of optional dungeons that you can explore in NieR Replicant Remaster. Clearing each of the dungeons unlocks new outfits and weapons for NieR.

Main Story Walkthroughs


Clearing all of the dungeons in 15 Nightmares unlocks the Dear Diary trophy.

Trophy Name Trophy How to Unlock
Dear Diary PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBronze Clear all 15 Nightmares dungeons.

All Trophies List

Old NieR (“Father” NieR)

Entering the 15 Nightmares changes NieR’s appearance to old NieR or “Father” NieR, the version of the protagonist in NieR Gestalt. This effect is, however, only aesthetic as you will be able to use weapons and magic normally. You also do not gain any new abilities in this form (to be confirmed).

How to Unlock 15 Nightmares

You can access 15 Nightmares by going to NieR’s house during the second story route (after clearing the game once and unlocking Ending A). Examine the glowing spot in the center of the first floor of the house to begin the 15 Nightmares content.

Main Story Walkthroughs

15 Nightmares Dungeons

NieR Replicant Remaster - 15 Nightmares Dungeon Guide

15 Nightmares consists of a series of three dungeons which can be entered by going through a door inside the mysterious white dimension that serves as the area’s hub. At first, there will only be two doors in the hub, one that leads back to NieR’s house and the other to the first dungeon. A new door will be unlocked by clearing each dungeon one by one.

Noted that you will to start from the beginning of a dungeon if you die at any of its levels.

Recommended Level for 15 Nightmares

It is highly recommended to be at around level 30 to 40 before trying to clear all of the dungeons in 15 Nightmares. Many of the levels in each dungeon feature powerful shades and bosses that can easily kill you in one hit if you are at a low level.

Because of this, you should try accessing 15 Nightmares when nearing the end of the game’s second story route (before going to the Shadowlord’s Castle). Try to have your favorite weapons upgraded to their maximum levels as well before taking on the dungeons.

15 Nightmares Obtainable Items

Two-handed Sword with the Highest Attack Power in the Game

NieR Replicant Remaster - Fool's Lament (Two-handed Sword)

Going through the 15 Nightmares dungeons lets you obtain the Fool’s weapon set which consist of the Fool’s Embrace (one-handed sword), Fool’s Lament (two-handed sword), and Fool’s Accord (spear). Note that Fool’s Lament boasts the highest attack power value out of all obtainable two-handed swords in the game when fully-upgraded.

How to Get the Best Weapons

New Outfits

NieR Replicant Remaster - Nier Kabuki OutfitNieR Kabuki Outfit NieR Replicant Remaster - Nier Samurai OutfitNieR Samurai Outfit

The Kabuki and Samurai costumes for NieR, Kaine, and Emil are also unlocked by clearing the first and second dungeons of 15 Nightmares. Wearing these new outfits also changes the orb projectiles fired by enemies to tiny versions of Emil’s head in his weapon form.

How to Unlock All Outfits

First Door

Areas Notable Items
Shadowlord’s Castle (Staircase)
The Haunted Mansion (Courtyard)
NieR’s Village (Library)
The Lost Shrine (Chamber to the Castle) Fool’s Embrace (One-handed Sword)
The Barren Temple (Broken Hallway) Kabuki Outfit

Second Door

Areas Notable Items
The Barren Temple (Challenge Room)
The Junk Heap (B2)
The Junk Heap (Boss Area)
??? (Basketball Court) Fool’s Lament (Two-handed Sword)
Facade (Sand Skiff Road) Samurai Outfit

Third Door

Areas Notable Items
Seafront (Floating Harbor)
NieR’s Village (Library)
Underground Facility
The Barren Temple (Sealed Hall) Fool’s Accord (Spear)
??? (Ruined Bridges)
← The Shadowlord’s Castle (Second Route) Mermaid Episode Part 1: Seafront →

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  1. For the 2nd door dungeon, I got the Fool’s Lament at the Junk Heap boss area. 5x herbs for completing the Basketball Court.