NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - Facade (Second Route) Walkthrough

Main story walkthrough for Facade (second route) in Nier Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139. Included are areas visited in the remake, enemies, bosses, obtainable items, weapons, magic, materials, and strategy to clear it.

NieR Replicant Remaster - Facade (Second Route) Walkthrough

Facade (Second Route) Main Story Walkthrough

NieR Replicant Remaster - Facade (Second Route) Walkthrough


Areas Nier’s Village, Facade, Wolves Den’, Desert
Enemies Wolves
Bosses Roc

Main Story Walkthroughs

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Overlord (One-handed Sword) Given by the King of Facade after the wedding.
Loyal Cerberus Key Obtained  after defeating Roc at the Wolves’ Den.


Nier’s Village

1 Talk to Popola at the library.
2 Go home and check the mailbox.
3 Travel to Facade.


1 Board the sand skiff and proceed to the King’s Mansion.
2 Go up the stairs and talk to the king.
3 On the night before the wedding, move through the corridor and talk to Kaine.
4 Go up the stairs again and talk to Emil.
5 Head outside to the mansion’s overlook and talk to the King.
6 On the day of the wedding, talk to the king’s advisor for a cutscene.
7 Prepare to battle Roc. Watch the cutscene afterwards.
8 Go inside the King’s Mansion and talk to the king at the overlook to get Overlord.
9 Watch the cutscene.

Wolves’ Den – Desert

1 Watch the cutscene.
2 Kill the wolves that appear while protecting the king.
3 Prepare to battle Roc (final).
4 Watch the cutscene.


Roc (Facade)

When the fight starts, focus on the wolves first as they can easily overwhelm you if you ignore them.  Afterwards, attack Roc with your weapon while avoiding his homing crescent waves. The battle will end after lowering Roc’s health to about half.

Roc Boss Guide

Roc (Wolves’ Den)

The battle at Wolves’ Den begins in a similar fashion to your first encounter in Facade. Start by taking out Roc’s wolves first. When they are dead, Roc will jump down and take you on again. He is more aggressive this time around and will throw out a somersault attack and forward charge frequently during the fight. These can all be avoided by dodging sideways. When he misses, get in close and attack him with melee attacks. Repeat the process until the attack gauge appears. Finish him off to end the fight.

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