NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - The Aerie Walkthrough

Main story walkthrough for The Aerie in Nier Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139. Included are areas visited in the remake, enemies, bosses, obtainable items, weapons, magic, materials, and strategy to clear it.

Nier Replicant Remaster - The Aerie Walkthrough

The Aerie Main Story Walkthrough


Areas Nier’s Village, The Aerie
Enemies Shades
Bosses Kaine, Hook

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Seeds of Power Nier’s house (first floor).


Nier’s Village

1 After talking to Yonah, go downstairs and get Seeds of Power and 300G.
2 Talk to Devola near the fountain.
3 Head to the library and talk to Popola. A few side quest will now be available and you can clear them to earn some money.
4 Watch the cutscene.
5 Go to the North Gate and travel to the Aerie.

Northern Plains

1 Follow the path going to the southwest of the Northern Plains. Take out some shades along the way if you want or ignore them.
2 Head into the tunnel entrance leading to the Aerie.

The Aerie

1 Go right and approach the hut for a conversation with Weiss.
2 Go further into the tunnel to reach the village. Defeat the shades that appear past the bridge.
3 Keep following the path along the canyon wall until you come up to a ladder. Go up and take the bridge behind you to reach the mayor’s house at the other end of the valley.
4 Battle the shades along the way and go up the ladder on your right. Go inside the hut and talk to the mayor.
5 After talking to the mayor, leave the village by walking all the way back. When you come to the vacant lot near the entrance to the village, a cutscene will play.
6 Battle Kaine (boss).
7 Watch the cutscene.
8 Battle Hook (boss).
9 Watch the cutscene. You will obtain Black Hand afterwards.
10 Return to Nier’s village by going through the Northern Plains again.

Northern Plains (Return)

1 Choose to either see Popola for information which will direct you to the Junk Heap as your next destination or check up on Yonah which will take you to the Seafront. The choice here does not affect the story.


Do some side quests.

You can earn a good amount of gold and some useful items by doing some of the available quests in Nier’s village after talking to Popola at the library.

Quest Client Reward
The Lost Eggs Item Shopkeeper Health Salve
Old-fashioned Home Cooking Villager 1,500G
Shopping List Florist 500G
Boar Hunt! Villager
  • 1000G
  • Boar Tusk
Gatekeeper’s Errand Guard 500G
Fragile Delivery Guard 1250G
Herbal Remedies Popola 500G


Using magic is not recommended when fighting Kaine as she has high resistance against them. A good strategy to use against her during the first phase of the fight is to guard and counter her melee attacks. You can also try to get behind her and unload on her before she recovers.

She will eventually start her second phase when you have lowered her health. She will now start to cast magic attacks from afar which are not too difficult to dodge if you move sideways. Approach while moving to the side to get behind her and attack. When her HP reaches about 25%, the battle will end.


Hook only has a few attacks that you need to watch out for. When it raises its arms in the air, prepare to jump to avoid the shockwave that it will create. It will also shoot out magic orbs from its mouth which can be avoided by running away. Attack one of its arms using your weapon or use Dark Blast until the attack gauge appears and unload on it.

Hook will then climb up the side of the cliff and release sphere-shaped shades on the battlefield. Take out the shades first while still keeping attention on Hook to avoid its arm slam and mouth orbs. Attack its other arm using Dark Blast until the attack gauge appears again to destroy it.

When Hook comes back down, its attacks will become more powerful. Its mouth blast will release more orbs and will last longer than usual. The boss will now also be able to do multiple arm slams that send shockwaves out fast. Keep firing magic at the boss to deplete its health until the attack gauge appears on its head. Focus all attacks on it to defeat the boss.

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