NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - Sealed Verse Guide

Overview and guide about Sealed Verses in NieR Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139, including their features and mechanics in the game.

NieR Replicant Remaster - Sealed Verse Guide

Sealed Verse Guide in NieR Replicant Remaster

Nier Replicant Remaster - Sealed Verse Guide

Sealed Verses refer to magical abilities or powerful spells that can be used by NieR Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139‘s protagonist, NieR. Newly acquire Sealed Verses are learned through Grimoire Weiss.

How to obtain Sealed Verses

With the exception of the first Sealed Verse, Dark Blast, the remaining Sealed Verses can only obtained by playing through the game’s main story. Most if not all require defeating bosses in the game.

How to level Sealed Verses

As NieR increases his level, his Sealed Verses also upgrades in terms of their effect and usage. Remember that each Sealed Verse has their own respective level requirement to improve their damage capabilties.

How to equip Sealed Verses

NieR can equip two Sealed Verses at a time early in the game. In the later stages, NieR can equip up to four Sealed Verses at max. However, the player needs to forego other battle controls such as Martial Arts like Evade, Roll, or Block.

List of Sealed Verses

Here is a list Sealed Verses, including their effects, user tips, and how to obtain them in the game:

All Sealed Verses

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