NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - Shade Louise (Episode Mermaid) Boss Guide

Shade Louise (Kraken) boss guide in Episode Mermaid of Nier Replicant Remaster. Included are the areas the bosses are encountered, attack gauge points, attack patterns, behavior, strategy to beat them, and rewards in the remake.

Nier Replicant Remaster - Shade Louise (Episode Mermaid) Boss Guide

Shade Louise (Episode Mermaid) Boss Guide

Nier Replicant Remaster - Shade Louise (Episode Mermaid) Boss Guide


Area Encountered Wrecked Ship (Episode Mermaid)
Attack Gauge Points 3 (2 on head-tentacles, 1 on head)
Rewards Vanishing into Bubbles (word)

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Attack Details Countermeasure
Tentacle Slam Slams its head-tentacle hard on the ground. Jump or run to the side.
Wind Cannon Inhales briefly before shooting a strong burst of wind in front of it. Move to the side of the ship.
Orb Projectiles Shoots multiple orb projectiles from its head-tentacles. Destroy them with your weapon or run away.
Raining Spears Shoots out massive spears down on the battlefield. Run away form the shadow of the spears when they appear on the ground.
Heal Heals a moderate amount of her HP. Used when you have reduced her health to about half.


First Phase

For the first phase of the fight, focus on attacking the two tentacles with heads on either side of Louise. She will frequently use her tentacle slam that creates a shockwave. Jump or run away to avoid getting clipped by the shockwaves radius. When you the two tentacle-heads disappear and  see Louise suck in the air, run to the side of the ship to avoid getting hit by her wind cannon attack. Continue hacking away at the head-tentacles or using Dark Lance to damage them from afar.

After you destroy one of the head-tentacles, more will spawn from the side of the ship. Attack and destroy them before focusing on the other head-tentacle.

Aim for the attack gauge which appears after you have destroyed both head-tentacles. This will trigger the second phase of the fight.

Second Phase

When the second phase of the fight begins, you will only be able to attack Louise from afar using magic. Aim Dark Lance at her to continue chipping away at her health. The only chance you have of damaging her with your weapon is after she performs her tentacle slam on the ground. Jump over the shockwaves and unload on her before she recovers. Louise will also shooting out massive spears onto the battlefield. You can avoid them by running away from where the shadows of the spears appear.

Repeat the process until you are able to lower Louise’s HP by half. She will then start to constantly heal herself. Keep attacking until a cutscene triggers to begin the third phase of the fight.

Third Phase

Louise’s HP gauge will disappear when the third phase of the begins. Note that the attack gauge will immediately be visible on her head. Aim at it using magic until you are prompted to finish her off with Dark Lance.

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  1. Hi guys, on the third playthrough I managed to knock her down and kill her without the postman being taken hostage. Just a little difference.