NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - Money Farming Guide

A guide on how to earn money fast in Nier Replicant Remaster Ver. Ver. 1.22474487139. Included are the best methods farm gold (side quests, gardening, and fishing) and best areas to farm in the remake.

Nier Replicant Remaster - Money Farming Guide

Money Farming Guide in NieR Replicant Remaster

NieR Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139’s form of currency is gold and is used to purchase various items like consumables and materials. You will also need gold to upgrade weapons at a blacksmith. Being well-equipped is important as you go through the main story and face more challenging enemies and bosses.

Clear Side Quests

Among the best ways to earn money quickly in the game is to clear as many side quests as you can.  You will be able to unlock more side quests by progressing through the main story or even by clearing certain prerequisite side quests.

Side Quest List


NieR Replicant Remaster - Gardening Guide

Gardening Guide

Sell Moonflowers

You can spend time at your garden and grow different kinds of moonflowers using seeds. The flowers can then be sold for money.

Flower Selling Price
Red Moonflower 600 G
Gold Moonflower 600 G
Blue Moonflower 600 G
Peach Moonflower 1,800 G
Indigo Moonflower 1,800 G
Pink Moonflower 1,800 G
White Moonflower (Lunar Tear) 5,000 G

Red, gold, and blue moonflower seeds can be purchased at the market in Seafront. To get seeds for the other types of moonflowers, you will need to crossbreed different kinds of flowers. This is done by planting two types of seeds along a row in an alternating pattern.

Flower Type 1 Flower Type 2 Seed Obtained
Red Moonflower Gold Moonflower Peach Moonflower Seed
Gold Moonflower Blue Moonflower Indigo Moonflower Seed
Red Moonflower Indigo Moonflower Pink Moonflower Seed
Peach Moonflower Pink Moonflower White Moonflower (Lunar Tear) Seed

Planting White Moonflowers is naturally the best way to make money through gardening as the flower sells for 5,000 gold each. You can also, however, opt to plant Indigo and Peach Moonflower seeds instead as Indigo and Peach Moonflowers are relatively easier to mass produce than White Moonflowers.

How to Cultivate for White Moonflowers (Lunar Tear Flowers)

Be sure to use bounty fertilizers to increase your crop’s yield and make the most profit you can during each period of harvest.


NieR Replicant Remaster - Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide

Sell a Royal Fish and Rhizodont

Fishing is another way to earn money. Be sure to have the right type of bait to catch certain types of fish at fishing spots found all throughout the game world. Royal Fish, which are relatively easy to catch at the Eastern Road pond, can be sold for 4,000 gold and are caught using earthworms.

If you want to earn more gold, you can fish for a Rhizodont. It can be sold for 15,000 Gold.

How to Catch a Rhizodont Fish

Selling Materials Found at the Junk Heap B2 (Second Route)

Materials from Boxes

You can run through Junk Heap B2 to get materials like Amber and Fluorite from the boxes found at the winding passage on the northern section of the area. The boxes will respawn if you exit and re-enter the area, making it a good way to earn the materials which can be sold for money.

Item Selling Price
Copper Ore 240 G
Clay 400 G
Iron Ore 500 G
Silver Ore 750 G
Gold Ore 1800 G
Pyrite 1500 G
Amber 3000 G
Fluorite 6000 G

Enemy Drops

Many of the robots found in Junk Heap B2 also drop some materials you can sell off for gold. Common enemy drops like severed cables, broken batteries, broken motors and even rare ones like titanium alloy and machine oil can net you a hefty amount of gold if you manage to stockpile a bunch of them. Note that these items are also used to upgrade certain weapons so taking the time farm enemies in Junk Heap B2 is recommended as you go through the main story.

Item Selling Price
Broken Arm 120 G
Broken Antenna 150 G
Dented Metal Board 150 G
Stripped Bolt 180 G
Severed Cable 200 G
Broken Lens 220 G
Broken Battery 350 G
Mysterious Switch 380 G
Broken Motor 400 G
Machine Oil 600 G
Titanium Alloy 800 G
Memory Alloy 4800 G

Weapon Upgrade Materials Locations

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