NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - Underground Facility (Second Route) Walkthrough

Main story walkthrough for Underground Facility (second route) in Nier Replicant Remaster Ver. 1.22474487139. Included are areas visited in the remake, enemies, bosses, obtainable items, weapons, magic, materials, and strategy to clear it.

NieR Replicant Remaster - Underground Facility (Second Route) Walkthrough

Underground Facility (Second Route) Main Story Walkthrough

NieR Replicant Remaster - Underground Facility (Second Route) Walkthrough


Areas Underground Facility – B1, Underground Facility – B2, Underground Facility – B3
Enemies Shades
Bosses Number 6, Jack of Hearts

Main Story Walkthroughs

Obtainable Items

Item Location
AA Keycard Underground Facility – B1
KA Keycard Underground Facility – B1
Underground Facility Map Underground Facility – B1
SA Keycard Underground Facility – B1
Fang of the Twins (Two-handed Sword) Underground Facility – B1
TA Keycard Underground Facility – B2
NA Keycard Underground Facility – B2
HA Keycard Underground Facility – B2
MA Keycard Underground Facility – B2
YA Keycard Underground Facility – B2
RA YA Keycard Underground Facility – B3
WA YA Keycard Underground Facility – B3


Underground Facility – B1

1 Upon entering the facility, move forward and get the AA Keycard on your left. Use it to open the door ahead. Make sure Emil is not falling behind when you are exploring the area.
2 You can enter the first room on your right to kill some shades (or ignore it if you want). Go inside the next room to your right (the large one with two doors) and take out the shades there. Afterwards, get the KA Keycard on the upper right corner of the room.
3 Exit the large room and move to the bay nearest to the large door (to your left) at the other end of the hall and break the box to get the Underground Facility Map. More shades afterwards will spawn so deal with them quickly.
4 Use the KA Keycard to open the locked door.
5 Proceed further and take out the shades at the storehouse. Break the boxes to get Medicinal herbs and work your way counterclockwise while killing shades. Destroy the boxes at the northeast corner of the room to get the SA Keycard.
6 Move through the covered passage to the north and follow it to the next room. Break the boxes there to get Fang of the Twins.
7 Approach the locked door and use the SA Keycard to go in.
8 Kill the shades in the corridor and go through the door at the other end.
9 Move to the exit at the other end and take out the shades along the way. When you go down the steps to B2, you will find a New Document.

Underground Facility – B2

1 Head for the door to the east and kill the shades that appear. Check the northeast corner of the area (left of the door) to get the TA Keycard.
2 Use the TA Keycard to open the locked door. Go through the short passageway and kill the shades there.
3 When you reach the large maze-like room, head for the eastern corner of the room. More shades will spawn in this area that you should deal with. When you reach the eastern corner, pick up the NA Keycard to open the next locked door.
4 Continue following the path and killing shades along the maze as it moves north, east and south.
5 When you reach the area with the large buildings, head southeast to the one and go in to find the HA Keycard. You can enter the other rooms to fight some shades if you want.
6 Use the HA Keycard to open the locked door to the east. Continue moving until you reach another area with many large buildings.
7 Take out the shades that appear and head for the building in the middle of the area to get the MA Keycard. Break the boxes if you want to get Medicinal Herb.
8 Head to the building furthest to the south and use the HA Keycard to go in. Destroy the boxes and get the the YA Keycard in the corner to your right.
9 When you exit the building, a large shade will appear. Use charged Dark Lance and finish it off with your weapon for a quick kill.
10 Use the YA Keycard to open the next locked door that leads to B3. You will also find another New Document.

Underground Facility – B3

1 Head to the third room to your right (south) and take out the shades. Move to the south of the room to find a passage that takes you to the second room. Pick up the RA Keycard there.
2 Head for the locked door to the east and use the RA Keycard to open it.
3 When you reach the large room with the cage in the middle, you will be ambused by shades. Take them out and the large shade that appears at the end. Pick up the New Document and WA Keycard in the northeast corner (to the left of the locked door).
4 Use the WA Keycard to open the locked door.
5 Move forward to a large door. Use the save point to your left if you want.
6 Go through the door and watch the cutscene.
7 Talk to Emil and prepare to battle Number 6.
8 Watch the cutscene.
9 Prepare to battle Jack of Hearts.
10 Watch the cutscene.

Nier’s Village

1 Talk to Devola at the fountain.
2 Head to the library and talk to Popola.


Number 6

Magic will be your main method of damaging Number 6 during the fight. Destroy the projectiles that she fires using your weapon and use Dark Lance to chip away at her health (you can use the charged version to deal more damage but only when she stops firing). The flaming orbs that she shoots can also be destroyed with melee attacks.

Number 6 Boss Guide

When you see Number 6 briefly radiate a pink aura, get ready to dodge or run to the side to avoid her forward charge.

Keep attacking Number 6 until she clings to the wall. She will continue firing orb projectiles at you which can be dealt the same way when she does them on the ground. Aim charged Dark Lance and she will fall to the ground, allowing you to bombard her with more magic. When the attack gauge appears, unload on her to end the fight.

Jack of Hearts

As with the previous encounter with Jack, you only need to aim for the attack gauges on its tentacles. He should pose no threat to you at this point in the game so unload on him with magic and melee attacks. When he falls down, another attack gauge should appear, prompting you to finish him off.

Jack of Hearts Boss Guide

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