NieR Replicant Remaster Ver.1.22474487139 - Shade Kaine Boss Guide

Shade Kaine boss guide for Nier Replicant Remaster. Included are the areas the bosses are encountered, attack gauge points, attack patterns, behavior, strategy to beat them, and rewards in the remake.

Nier Replicant Remaster - Shade Kaine Boss Guide

Shade Kaine Boss Guide

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Area Encountered The Lost Shrine (Second Route)
Attack Gauge Points 1 (Body)

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Attack Details Countermeasure
Twin Sword Combo Performs a three-hit sword combo that has good chasing properties. Guard, run or dodge away
Orb Projectiles Shoots waves of orb projectiles around the battlefield either from the ground or while clinging to the wall. Guard, run or dodge away, jump, or destroy them with you weapon.


You can try to bait out Kaine’s twin sword combo while she is on the ground and retaliate with Dark Hand to damage her and knock her down. Hack away with your weapon when she is lying on the floor and be on the defensive again when she gets up.

Stay on the move at all times during the fight, especially when she starts firing projectiles. A good chance to attack her is when she begins setting up multiple projectiles in a V formation around the area before they home in on you. Charge Dark Lance and fire before the orbs come at you.

When Kaine clings to the wall, she will continue shooting projectiles that you should continue to avoid. When you see an opening to strike, aim at her with Dark Lance or use jumping attacks. This will cause her to fall down. When the attack gauge appears, focus all melee and magic (Dark Hand) on her. Repeat the process while using healing items when needed and she should go down easily.

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