Demon's Souls Remake - Boletarian Palace 1-1 Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Boletarian Palace 1-1 in Demon's Souls Remake including quest and boss strategy guides.

Demon's Souls Remake - Boletarian Palace 1-1 Walkthrough

Boletarian Palace 1-1


NPCs Dregling Merchant, Executioner Miralda, Old King Doran, Ostrava of Boletaria
Enemies Blue Eye Knight, Boletaria Soldier, Dregling, Hoplite, Red Eye Knight
Bosses Phalanx, Red Dragon (optional), Blue Dragon (optional)

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World Tendency Events

White World Tendency

Location Details
Door to the left near the starting point. Brushwood Armor Set and Colorless Demon’s Soul can be obtained. Requires Pure White World Tendency.
Stairwell building Executioner Miralda appears (body form). Kill her to get Binded Armor Set and Master’s Ring. Requires Pure White World Tendency.

Black World Tendency

Location Details
Door to the left near the starting point. Brushwood Armor Set and Colorless Demon’s Soul can be obtained. Requires Pure Black World Tendency.
Stairwell building Black Phantom Miralda appears. Kill her to get Guillotine Axe. Requires Pure Black World Tendency.


Part 1

1 From the starting area, turn around and get the Half Moon Grass from behind some panels.
2 Head toward the plaza and go up the stairs but be ready for an ambush from dreglings hiding on the side.
3 Defeat more enemies along the staircase and past the corpse. More dreglings will attack from behind wooden planks as you move further so deal with them as well.
4 When you get to the top of the stairs, get the items from the bodies there before heading to the path on the left.
5 An archer will fire at you when you arrive in the square room upstairs. Take out the enemies that approach first and make your way along the edges of the room.
6 Further ahead is a a grating with a hole in it that you should avoid. Make your way across and go up to kill the archer.
7 Go through the opening in the next room and take out two enemies there (one of them will be hiding in the dark to your right). Head into the guard’s room and take out the guard there.
8 In the next room, get the Firebombs by destroying the furniture in front of them before going up the stairs.
9 Take out the two guards at the top of the stairs on your right and go through the fog door.
10 Get the Unknown Soldier’s Soul and Mail Breaker to the right and go up the stairs to your left. Defeat the enemy scattering flames upstairs.

Part 2

1 Go up the stairs while taking out enemies tossing fire at you. You will come up to a stone path stretching ahead along the scaffolding to find more enemies to take out.
2 Head through the opening on your left. Make your way up while killing off the guards along the way. Be careful not to fall of the side.
3 Go through another opening and up the narrow set of stairs. Note that a giant ball will come crashing down to your direction so run back the other way to avoid it.
4 Destroy the rubble in the area and get the Bastard Sword from the corpse.
5 At the top of the stairs, get ready to deal with more soldiers.
6 At the wide branching area, turn around from the top of the stairs
7 Turn around from the top of the stairs and head toward the archers on the wooden plank. Do not go inside the room ahead as the Red Eye Knight there may be too hard to beat at this points. Head back to the staircase.
8 Head past the staircase and defeat the knight near the catapults. Bait out his opening strike with your shield and attack him as he recovers to defeat him.
9 Face the wall on the right of the area after defeating the knight and drop down to an opening. You should find yourself on a ledge. Turn around get the Light Crossbow and Wooden Bolts from the corpse there.
10 Make your way through an opening going to a wooden walkway. Defeat the guard on the left and drop down onto the stairs below. Go up the stairs again to head back to the area with the catapults.

Part 3

1 You will find a fog door just ahead that you should go through later. Take the Firebomb in the room and walk past it to a set of wooden stairs doing down. Defeat the enemies throwing firebombs while making your way down.
2 Go through the door leading to the left as you come down the stairs. Move ahead past the arched path to find some chains jutting out of the stone wall. Attack the chains and head back to the stairs.
3 Keep going down the stairs and take out more enemies throwing firebombs. Be careful of hitting the explosive barrels nearby as you approach the ground level.
4 Head down to reach the bottom of the shaft and use the lever to raise the gate that creates a shortcut going to the starting area.
5 Get the Cling Ring from the corpse along the hall. Move on and get Old Ragged Robes, Old Ragged Gloves, Old Ragged Boots, and Old Spice from the one of the corpses on your right. The other one has Jade Hair Ornament.
6 Head back all the way back to the area with the fog door and go through it.
7 In the next room, go through the archway on your right to arrive at some stairs. Go down and bait the enemy below by running away. Enemies will throw bombs at the exploding barrels that will kill you if you are too close. Afterwards, kill all remaining enemies in the area.
8 Proceed along the next hallway and take out the enemies there, with one of the in the next room just nearby.
9 The way going right is sealed off by barricades where a merchant can be found. To the left is a balcony. Ignore these for now and move forward to some barrels. Move to the path on the left and take out the soldiers there.
10 Continue following the path that turns to the right and defeat another soldier just ahead. Afterwards, go up the stairs and take out the crossbowman. Get Unknown Soldier’s Soul from the corpse nearby.
11 Keep going up the stairs and defeat the knight near the fog door. Take him out quickly and deal with the archer on your left. Afterwards, check the corps nearby to get Late Moon Grass.
12 Ignore the fog door for now and head back down the stairs. Head left when you reach the ground level and go down another set of stairs along the wall. Take out the soldiers below by having them come in single file at you.

Part 4

1 After clearing the area below, destroy the rubble and barrels on the edge. Go through the opened passage and defeat the enemy that appears.
2 Proceed along the path until you reach an area with raised ledges on your left and right. Go up the platform on you right and get Unknown Soldier’s Soul from the corpse.
3 Continue on the main path and take out the knight along the way.
4 In the next room past the knight, head to the archway that leads to the left and ignore the path straight ahead for now.
5 Take out the group of enemies along the stairwell. Get Shard of Hardstone and Shard of Sharpstone from the corpses nearby.
6 Continue clearing the rest of the area, including any archers that are still around. You can head inside on of the rooms to get Unknown Hero’s Soul in the corner.
7 Return to the previous room near the group of knights but head left to find the Scimitar by going through an opening along the wall.
8 Head back to the balcony near the dead end blocked by barricades. Go near the low wall to jump across and down to the ground below.
9 Move along the corridor and through the narrow alley. Afterwards, help the knight (Ostrava) take out the enemies attacking him. Be sure to aim carefully to avoid hitting Ostrava.
10 Talk to Ostrava to get Brass Telescope. Afterwards, backtrack to the hallway with the explosive barrels just past the second fog door of the area.
11 Walk along the wall and climb over it. Drop down to get the Thief’s Ring.
12 Backtrack again to the fog door guarded by the knight you ignored before and go through it.
13 Follow the corridor ahead to find some wooden boxes that you can hit to send boulders down onto the enemies on the narrow path further along the way.
14 Follow the path cleared of enemies until it stretches to the right. Go up the stairs and deal with the two spearmen.

Part 5

1 Clear out more enemies in the area. Afterwards, take the path straight ahead (the path on the left leads to some very useful items but are guarded by strong enemies).
2 Approach the bridge but get ready to run back as the dragon will kill everything on the straight path.
3 Wait for the dragon to go away and sprint cross the bridge again while ignoring the enemies along the way (the dragon will regularly return to attack the bridge again).
4 You can choose to take out the enemies after reaching the other side of the bridge. Afterwards, follow the stairs on the right side of the high area to get Unknown Soldier’s Soul.
5 Go down the stairs that descend from the bridge itself. Use the lever to open another gate.
6 Follow the corridor down the stairs and take out the enemies ahead. Proceed to the next corridor and get Turpentine on the corpse to the left.
7 Head to the opposite way and take out two soldiers throwing firebombs. Move on and out to another set of stairs going down.
8 Make your way down and take out the slime enemies by attacking them from behind. Continue moving down the stairs afterwards.
9 Get Half Moon Grass from the corpse at the bottom of the chamber. You can pull another lever there that gives you a shortcut connecting the main plaza (starting area) to the boss area just to the right of the gate.
10 You can choose to head back to the Nexus to level-up your character with any souls you have accumulated (including soul items that you can consume) before facing the boss. Afterwards, warp back to Boletarian Palace and take the shortcut to the boss.
11 Defeat Phalanx (boss).


Isolate enemies from their allies.

A good strategy for systematically taking out groups of enemies is to pick them off one by one. Using advantageous terrain such as narrow pathways and stairs is a good method to funnel them to come at you in single file.


Phalanx can easily be defeated by using Firebombs because of its low resistance to fire, taking out multiple hoplites that surround its true body. You can also imbue your weapon with fire using Turpentine to fight it at melee range. Using magic, however, is the easiest method as Flame Toss and Soul Arrow innate to the Magician and Royalty classes respectively can kill the boss in just a few hits. Use Spices to heal MP if you run out.

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