[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Tips and Tricks: Hold Mode

This article contains tips and tricks in winning in Hold Mode. This game mode is available in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5].

Tips and Tricks: Hold Mode

Hold Mode is a game mode in Grand Theft Auto V [GTA 5] in which players must steal each other’s cargo in order to gain more points. However, players must also defend their cargo to prevent other players from stealing theirs. Packages or cargo will not spawn around the map. The only available cargo there in Hold Mode is one’s own and that of the opponent. Weapons and health packs will spawn around the area.

Players must steal as much cargo as they can while simultaneously defending their own to win. To win Hold Mode, here are some tips and tricks to guarantee victory:

Have a scouting pair

A scouting pair involves two people to watch and follow the enemies’ movement. These players should also use Sniper Rifles as the scope allows them to look closely. Players who become the scouts also must have knowledge of the map and environment to be able to predict where the enemies are coming from. In Hold Mode, these players are key to bringing back information and often times found alone.

Scouts must also be slippery in Hold Mode in order to bring back the information. To catch a scout, players must focus all their fire on a scout to prevent them from returning.

Defend the runners

Depending on how many runners there are, this role in Hold Mode may rotate around the players. Those who have best knowledge as to where the shortcuts are on the map are the best for this role. Runners should also wield Assault Rifles to defeat any incoming defenders. If the player is forced to drop the cargo then, the assault rifle should help the runners hold them off until the attackers come in. However, players should also escort the runners to prevent any delay in bringing the cargo.

Focus down on the runner

Because the runner is one of the most important roles in Hold Mode, they are also the ones players should prioritize. Other than the Snipers taking a free shot at any player, the runner carries the cargo. Taking out the player or “contesting” the area will prevent the player from moving on to bring back their cargo. This delays the amount of points and can work well with players who prefer performing the “backdoor” trick. One player will secretly steal cargo whereas a big amount of players will draw out the enemy team.

List of Maps in Hold Mode

There are a variety of maps in this particular mode. Some of these maps may have more obstacles than others, giving players unique experiences in Hold Mode.

Rockstar Created

  • Bloody Gulch
  • Freight Fight
  • Run Rabbit Run
  • Stage Invasion


  • Operation Interrupt
  • Shopping Spree
  • The Watch Tower

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