[Grand Theft Auto V / GTA 5] Capture Game Mode Guide

This article contains information about Grand Theft Auto V’s [GTA 5] game mode – Capture. We will update this when more modes come out.

Capture Game Mode Guide

The Capture Game Mode is a game mode that came in with patch 1.08 of Grand Theft Auto V. This particular game mode allows the maximum of 16 players which will divide into two teams. Each team will have a maximum of 8 players. The game mechanic is simple; players have to obtain the cargo of the opposing team. Once they obtain the cargo, they are to bring it to their base. Unlike the other game modes, vehicles are available in this particular game mode. This allows players to quickly transport materials all around.

If a player is killed while holding the cargo then, the cargo drops. This will allow anyone – be it opposing team or allies- to pick up the cargo.

There are four different kinds of capture modes: Contend, GTA, Raid, and Hold.

List of Capture Modes


Players must collect several packages in Contend Mode. Unlike the usual form of Capture, both teams do not have their own packages in Contend. Both teams must collect as many packages as they can until the time runs out. However, the difference is that players must combat against NPCs to obtain the package.

When players secure the package in their base, another package will spawn but in another area.

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GTA Mode

Players must steal vehicles and bring it back to the base. As the name GTA (Grand Theft Auto) states, players have a variety of cars to bring back. The team with most amount of cars in their base, wins.

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Hold Mode

Similar to Contend, Hold mode instructs that players must gather as many packages as they can. However, this game-mode has no NPCs and players must steal the packages from one another in order to win.

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Raid has a designated attack and defense team. One team will defend their base while another attempts to steal the package. To win, players must reach the target score or outscore their opponent.

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