Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Beginning Choices and Ability Progression

Breakdown of starting choices during the Prologue section of Kingdom Hearts 3, including information the third question added by the Re:Mind DLC.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind - Walkthrough and Stategy Guide

Starting Choices for Sora in Kingdom 3 and Re:Mind DLC

What Do You Desire?

The first question asks what will be Sora’s starting stats in the game.

Balance (Right)

Attack 15
Magic 8
Absorbs 15
HP 105
MP 110
AP 28

Vitality (Middle)

Attack 15
Magic 8
Absorbs 15
HP 120
MP 100
AP 28

Wisdom (Left)

Attack 15
Magic 8
Absorbs 15
HP 90
MP 120
AP 28

What Power Do You Seek?

The second question asks the player’s ability progression or order for Sora.

Power of the Mystic (Right)

Level Details
2 Magic Combo Thrift
3 Treasure Magnet
4 MP Haste
5 Auto-Finish
6 Combo Plus
8 Unison Fire
9 Fire Boost
10 Fusion Spin
12 Water Boost
14 Leaf Bracer
16 Air Combo Plus
18 Blizzard Boost
20 Grand Magic Extender
22 Attraction Extender
24 Reprisal Boost
26 Magic Galvanizer
28 Withstand Combo
30 Combo Plus
32 Damage Control
34 Thunder Boost
36 Block Replenisher
38 Aero Boost
40 Air Combo Plus
42 Second Chance
44 Attraction Enhancer
46 Combo Boost
48 Link Extender
50 Air Combo Boost

Power of the Warrior (Middle)

Level Details
2 Combo Plus
3 Treasure Magnet
4 Air Combo Plus
5 Auto-Finish
6 MP Haste
8 Unison Fire
9 Combo Plus
10 Fusion Spin
12 Attraction Enhancer
14 Fire Boost
16 Air Combo Plus
18 Water Boost
20 Combo Boost
22 Attraction Extender
24 Air Combo Boost
26 Withstand Combo
28 Leaf Bracer
30 Blizzard Boost
32 Link Extender
34 Thunder Boost
36 Block Replenisher
38 Aero Boost
40 Reprisal Boost
42 Grand Magic Extender
44 Magic Combo Thrift
46 Magic Galvanizer
48 Second Chance
50 Damage Control

Power of the Guardian (Left)

Level Details
2 Damage Control
3 Treasure Magnet
4 Withstand Combo
5 Auto-Finish
6 Combo Plus
8 Unison Fire
9 Block Replenisher
10 Fusion Spin
12 MP Haste
14 Air Combo Plus
16 Fire Boost
18 Attraction Enhancer
20 Reprisal Boost
22 Attraction Extender
24 Combo Plus
26 Leaf Bracer
28 Water Boost
30 Second Chance
32 Air Combo Plus
34 Link Extender
36 Combo Boost
38 Blizzard Boost
40 Thunder Boost
42 Air Combo Boost
44 Grand Magic Extender
46 Magic Combo Thrift
48 Aero Boost
50 Magic Galvanizer

Abilities List

What Kind of Adventure Do You Seek?

This third question is exclusive to Re:Mind DLC and it asks the player if he/she wants the game to be easier or challenging.

Usual Adventure (Left)

This choice lets the player experience the game normally, without any modifications or change brought by the Re:Mind DLC

Easy Adventure (Middle)

Easy mode allows the player to access “EZ Codes”. EZ Codes are an additional option that helps the game easier for the player.

Challenging Adventure (Right)

A mode that allows the player to access “Pro Codes”. Pro Codes are accessed via Premium Menu and gives an option that increases the difficulty in multiple ways.

Premium Menu Guide

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