Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Arendelle Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Arendelle in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable Keyblades, equipment, abilities, and where to find them.

Ally Characters in Arendelle

KH3 ElsaElsa KH3 AnnaAnna

Obtainable Elements


Weapon Details
Crystal Snow Obtained after clearing the World

Formchanges: Blizzard Claws, Blizzard Blades


Equipment Details
Dark Anklet Treasure chest
Snowman Rosette Photo Missions reward
Silver Amulet Treasure chest
Guardian Belt
Slayer’s Earring Treasure chest
Blizzard Choker Treasure chest
Blizzara Choker Treasure chest
Force Ring Treasure chest


Ability Details
Thundara Obtained after the battle in the lower area
Blizzara Obtained after defeating the Snow Monster
Air Slide

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Arendelle Walkthrough 1

1 Climb the mountains
2 Climb the cliff using free-run
3 Fight the horde of heartless after the cutscene at the canyon

Ice Labyrinth Walkthrough

1 Go to the Ice Labyrinth
2 Slide to the pillar in the room where a Nobody appears
3 Slide to the lower pillar
4 Go inside the hole to the side and climb the cliff using Athletic Flow
5 Examine the upper floor to the south and look for a black ball

Ice Labyrinth Strategy

Destroy the Ice Walls

Arendelle Walkthrough

Ice walls will often appear. Destroying these walls will lead you to hidden passages where you can get items and shortcuts. Also, if ever you get into the Ice Labyrinth, you can reach the exit by climbing up a set of stairs.

Arendelle Walkthrough 2

1 Climb the cliffs at the left and right sides of the canyon by using free-run
2 Jump to the opposite side using Athletic Flow
3 Once you climb another cliff, a cutscene will commence
4 Slide down the snowy mountain path
5 Defeat the herd of flying Heartless

Arendelle Walkthrough 3

1 Find the pieces of Olaf
2 Defeat the waves of Heartless
3 Glide through the wind and go to the top of the ice wall
4 Enter the cave
5 Defeat the Snow Monster
6 Slide down the snowy field
7 Cutscene at the foot of the mountain
8 Follow the path during a snowstorm
9 Fight the gigantic Heartless

Arendelle Walkthrough Strategy 3

Finding Pieces of Olaf

Arendelle Walkthrough

Part Details
Head Roll a giant snowball on the other side of the pond until it becomes small. Olaf’s head is inside the giant snowball.
Arms Olaf’s arms are located near the frozen pond. Keep searching the area until you find a stick.
Body You can find Olaf’s body by climbing the frozen waterfalls using free-run then going down at the right slope. There are two dummy bodies in the area.

Fighting the Snow Monster

Arendelle Walkthrough

If you avoid the shockwaves that the Snow Monster produces by jumping, you will have a change to attack it. Also, Fire magic works well against the monster as it deals more damage than other attacks. Use Fire or Firaga from a distance and avoid the monster’s attacks.

Braving the Snowstorm

Arendelle Walkthrough

When the snowstorm gets stronger, Sora and his party will be swept back to the beginning of the path. Hide behind big rocks to avoid getting blown away once the snowstorm starts. Next, run towards another rock once the wind weakens.

Fighting the Giant Heartless

Arendelle Walkthrough

Because it is floating in the air, it is best to use magic against the Giant Heartless rather than melee attacks. Its rush attack is quite easy to predict, so use reflect guard when it tries to attack. When the ball of darkness inside it falls, destroy it immediately by using a Link Summon.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to defeat this boss.

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Arendelle World Introduction

KH3 Arendelle World Introduction

Sora, Donald, and Goofy adventure to the world of Frozen, a land called Arendelle. The heroes meet a princess named Elsa in the snowy mountains. The True Organization XIII is interested in Elsa due to her unique ability to control ice and snow.

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