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Character Information regarding Sora, the main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts 3. Contained his article is a summary of his previous adventures, as well as some insights on his journey in the latest Kingdom Hearts game!

Sora Character Information

Sora Character Information

Weapons Used Kingdom Key, Various Keyblades
Appears in All Kingdom Hearts games except Kingdom Hearts χ
Japanese Voice Actor Miyu Irino, Takuto Yoshinaga (Young Sora)
English Voice Actor Haley Joel Osment, Luke Manriquez (Young Sora)

Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Riku and Kairi go out on a journey to find the Seven Guardians of Light. This is to protect the Seven Princesses of Heart from the dark forces led by Master Xehanort. Meanwhile, Sora travels to different worlds in search of the “The Key to Return Hearts” with Donald and Goofy.

Sora Character Information

Sora is also important to note that Sora lost all of his previous powers. This is because Xehanort took them during the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. He must now find ways to gather new strength as he travels between worlds.

Sora’s Keyblades in KH3

Keyblade Attack Magic Power Additional Abilities
Kingdom Key 4 3 Treasure Magnet
Hero’s Origin 5 2 Defender
Shooting Star 3 5 Magic Treasure Magnet
Favorite Deputy 6 3 Lucky Strike
Ever After 2 7 Leaf Bracer
Happy Gear 7 3 Focus Converter
Crystal Snow 4 7 Freeze Protection
Hunny Spout 6 5 Harvest
Nano Gear 7 5 Stun Protection
Wheel of Fate 8 5 Waterza
Starlight 6 9 MP Haste
Ultima Weapon 13 13 Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost, Situation Boost
Midnight Blue 4 4 Blizzaga, Blizzard Up
Phantom Green 4 4 Thundaga, Thunder Up
Dawn Til Dusk 4 4 Firaga, Fire Up


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Sora’s History

The Boy from Destiny Islands

Sora, along with Riku, is native to Destiny Islands. When Master Xehanort brought an unconscious Ventus to the islands, Sora’s newborn heart met Ventus’ heart. Sora then allowed Ventus to join his heart so that Sora could heal. Their combining of hearts is the reason why VanSoraas looks like Sora.

After Sora turns four years old, Terra and Aqua visit Destiny Islands. Terra sees the potential that Riku has in becoming a Keyblade wielder but fails to see Sora’s strength. After Terra’s talk with Riku, Aqua met both Sora and Riku. Aqua states that their friendship is similar to Ventus and Terra’s and that Sora should always be there for Riku. He takes this advice to heart throughout the series.

Sora Character Information

During their early childhood, they eventually meet Kairi, a girl from another world. The three of them set out on several adventures on Destiny Islands, hoping to find ways to go to other worlds. During one of their adventures, they find the “Secret Place.” The Secret Place is a cave with a peculiar looking door inside.

The Keyblade Wielder

As time goes on, Sora and Riku become more curious as to what lies beyond the seas of Destiny Islands. They build a raft to sail to other worlds. Before they can finish building Sora, though, Destiny Islands is attacked by the Heartless.

Sora, Riku, and Kairi are separated from each other. Sora is transported to Traverse Town and sets out on a journey to find his best friends.

During this journey, he eventually meets Donald and Goofy who accompanies him under King Mickey’s orders. Sora’s party then travels to various worlds to defeat the Heartless plaguing them.

Riku meets the party from time to time, slowly losing his trust to his friend while being manipulated by Maleficent. This leads to Ansem, Seeker of Darkness to completely taking control of Riku’s body. Ansem then uses Riku’s body to lure Sora and collect Kairi’s heart, which is needed in order to open the gates of Kingdom Hearts.

Sora Character Information

Ansem’s plans fail when he is defeated by Sora’s party. After Riku regains his senses, he helps King Mickey and Sora close the gates to the Realm of Darkness. However, he has to stay inside in order to close Sora fully.

Sora is not able to come back to Kairi as he is transported to another world. That said, he does not lose hope in reuniting with Kairi again. Pluto then meets up with the party and gives a letter from King Mickey.

Lost Memories

They follow Pluto until they reach Castle Oblivion. A hooded man advises Sora to go inside the castle, claiming he will find what he is looking for.

Inside Castle Oblivion, Marluxia, a Nobody working for Organization XIII, manipulates Sora’s memories using a girl named Namine. Namine is Kairi’s Nobody who was the power to alter people’s memories. This would eventually allow Marluxia to control Sora’s powers and overthrow Xemnas, the leader of the Organization.

Sora Character Information

Marluxia’s plans are thwarted by Sora and Axel, another Nobody tasked to stop Marluxia’s goal. However, Marluxia’s defeat does not cause Sora’s memories to return. Namine apologizes to the party and offered to heal their memories. To do so, she requires them to sleep in Memory Pods.

Sora sleeps inside the Memory Pod for almost a year. It was during this time that the conflict between Xion and Roxas (both Sora’s Nobodies) takes place.


Roxas rejoins Sora in the Memory Pod, Sora having been able to fully heal. Now with his memories back, he plans to continue his quest to reunite with Kairi. First, though, he must defeat the rest of Organization XIII.

After defeating several members of the Organization in different worlds, Sora is caught in an ambush by several Nobodies inside Betwixt and Between. Axel, who initially kidnapped Kairi for the Organization, follows him with the intention of killing him. He changes his mind when Sora’s personality reminds him of his friend Roxas. The Nobody then uses the last of his strength to defeat all the Nobodies. He apologizes to Sora and leads him to the Organization’s headquarters before fading away.

Sora Character Information

Sora is eventually able to defeat Xemnas with the help of Riku, who has learned how to control the darkness in his heart. However, the grueling battle leads to them being trapped in the Realm of Darkness. Before they are trapped forever, Kairi is able to pull them out of the realm and save them.

Upon returning to Destiny Islands and reuniting with their friends, Sora and Riku receive another letter from Mickey.

The Mark of Mastery

The letter says that Sora and Riku must go to Yen Sid and complete the Mark of Mastery to become Keyblade Masters. At first, Sora is reluctant to take the Mark of Mastery, saying that he can already defeat Master Xehanort with his current powers. However, Riku wants to take the test to prove that he can control the darkness. Riku’s eagerness to take the exam prompts his friend to take Sora as well.

During the exam, Sora is manipulated again by another entity, slowly plunging his heart into despair. This leads to him falling into a deep sleep before even finishing the Mark of Mastery.

Sora Character Information

Riku eventually saves Sora from the real Organization XIII. The Organization plans to use Sora’s body to become the thirteenth vessel for Master Xehanort’s fragmented heart.

With Sora unable to complete the test, Riku is the only one awarded with the title of Keyblade Master. Yen Sid informs Sora that he lost all of his power when he almost became a vessel for Xehanort. He then advises Sora to train once more to gain new powers and defeat the ruthless leader of the Organization.

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