Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Premium Menu Guide (ReMind DLC)

A guide on the Premium Menu feature in the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC. Included are basic information on Fast Pass and Black Code.

Kiingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Premium Menu

Guide on Premium Menu

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Premium Menu Guide

The Premium Menu is a special feature exclusive to the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC. It allows you to adjust the game’s difficult beyond your choice at the start of the game. The Premium Menu consists of the Fast Pass and Black Code options.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Premium Menu Guide

Difficulty Settings

Fast Pass EZ Codes

Fast Pass EZ Code options provide tweaks to make the game easier. Below is a list of options under Fast Pass.

EZ Code Details
Deadly Blow You can defeat enemies with one hit. However, certain enemies and bosses are immune to this effect.
Auto-block Enemy attacks are automatically blocked. Auto-block does not activate when you are attacking or when you are using forms with no blocking.
HP Regen Your whole team’s HP automatically regenerates.
MP Regen Your whole team’s MP automatically regenerates. However, MP Regen does not activate while recharging MP.
Focus Regen Your Focus Gauge automatically recharges.
Form Change Your Formchange Gauge gradually increases over time.
Attraction Pass Attraction indicators appear more frequently.
Best Combination Team commands appear more frequently in battle.
Overflow The Rage Form command appears more frequently in battle.
Everlink Links last for a much longer duration.
AP Free The AP cost of all abilities is reduced to 0. When toggling this code from ON and OFF, your whole team will have their set abilities removed.
Survival Strength and Magic stats are tripled for both allies and enemies.
Cooking Master You will always earn an Excellent rating when cooking with Little Chef.
Shop Discount All shop items are half price.
Gummi Ship Meister In Gummi Editor, your gummi ship level is set to 99, and your inventory of all gummi items will be set to maximum. (Your previous inventory cannot be restored.)

Black Pro Codes

Black Pro Code options, meanwhile, are settings to make the game more challenging. Below is a list of options under Pro Code.

Name Details
Default Status Your whole team’s stats are returned to their initial default status, regardless of level.
Zero Defense Your whole team’s Defense is set to 0. However, Defense boosts from equipment are still applied.
HP Slip During battle, your whole team’s HP automatically decreases over time until it reaches dangerous levels.
MP Slip During battle, your whole team’s MP automatically decreases over time, and MP recharge is doubled.
No Shotlock You cannot use shotlocks.
No Cure Your whole team cannot use Cure magic.
No Battle Items During battle, your whole team cannot use items.
No Links You cannot use links.
No Formchanges/Grand Magic You cannot use formchange or grand magic.
No Attractions Attraction commands do not appear outside of certain special battles.
No Team Attacks Team commands do not appear outside of certain special battles.
No Kupo Coins Kupo coins in your possession have no effect.
Ability Limit A maximum limit of 30 is placed on abilities you can install on Sora.


Name Requirement
Aerial Challenge Defeat 13 enemies in the air without landing! Enemies defeat with magic, links, team commands, or attractions are not counted.
Rage Form Challenge Defeat 20 Shadows/Neoshadows at one time using Rage Form.
Link Challenge Use any link to defeat 77 enemies at one time!
Icebreaker Challenge Freeze and shatter 30 enemies in one battle!
Gigas Challenge Use any attraction to defeat 5 Gigas toys at one time!
Sky Walk Challenge Travel from the tower in the forest to the Kingdom of Corona without walking on the ground, and landing only up to 5 times!
Schwarzgeist Challenge Clear the Schwarzgeist in Misty Stream with an A rank!
Bowling Challenge Defeat 10 enemies at one time using the team attack Scream Strike.
Survival Challenge Clear a difficulty ★★✰ Battlegate while only having the code “Survival” ON.

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