Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Xemnas Boss Guide (Limit Cut)

A boss guide on Xemnas (Limit Cut Episode) in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. Included are the boss' attacks and strategies to defeat them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Xemnas Limit Cut

Xemnas (Limit Cut Episode)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Xemnas Limit Cut

Recommended Level

Data Xemnas is one of the boss enemies encountered in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind.

Recommended Equipment and Abilities

Weapon Ultima Weapon, Oblivion, Oathkeeper
Items Kupo Coin
Abilities Block, Reprisal ability, Final Blow, Payback Strike


Continuous Slashing

Data Xemnas performs multiple strikes with his beam blades. Can be countered by guarding and performing a risky dodge.

Continuous Kicks

Data Xemnas throws out a series of rapid kicks.

Thunder Ball Attack

Data Xemnas launches several thunder balls that home in on you. They will linger on the ground for a brief moment afterwards.

Thorn Attack

Data Xemnas fires thorns at you. Does not inflict damage but disables guard.

Finishing Strike

Data Xemnas performs a finishing strike after consecutive attacks.

Bit Attacks

Data Xemnas launches multiple bits in the air toward you. He will appear in front of you to perform a slash attack afterwards.

All-directional Bullets

After Data Xemnas changes the battlefield, he will fire bullets of light in all directions. The bullets can be red or blue in color. Note that the latter cannot be blocked.


Data Xemnas summons shield around the battlefield. These can be destroyed by attacking them.


Counter the bit attacks

After performing bit attacks, Xemnas will appear in front of you and throw out a sword attack. Guard against the bits, then dodge the sword attack and counter afterwards to catch Xemnas off-guard.

Dodge the blue light bullets

When Data Xemnas HP falls to less than half, he’ll fire bullets of light that spread to all directions. The bullets can be red or blue in color. Time your dodge rolls well especially against the blue orbs since these cannot be blocked.

Take advantage of Ultimate Form

The Ultimate Form comes in handy to unlock better abilities to chain with. Having this form helps Sora attain a powerful finisher that sends blades toppling over the boss.


Name Effects
Power Weight Grants a moderate boost in Strength (Strength: 3).

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