Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Toy Box Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Toy Box in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable Keyblades, equipment, and abilities.

KH3 Toy Box World

Ally Characters in Toy Box

Woody Buzz

Obtainable Elements


Weapon Details
Favorite Deputy Obtained after clearing the World

Formchanges: Hyper Hammer, Drill Punch


Equipment Details
Buster Ring Treasure chest
Fire Bangle Treasure chest
Thunder Trinket Treasure chest
Thundaga Trinket Treasure chest
Thunder Cufflinks Battlegate reward


Ability Details
Thunder Obtained after defeating the UFO boss

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Toy Box Walkthrough

1 Battle with Astro Warrior upon entering the world
2 Fight back the herd of Heartless
3 Leave Andy’s house and go left
4 Ride the Giga and annihilate enemies

Toy Box Strategy

Giga Battle

Toy Box Walkthrough

Once you’re inside the Giga, press R2 to fire at enemies, then press the circle button to perform a melee attack. You can punch approaching enemy Gigats rather than shoot them to deal more damage. It is recommended that you move left and right constantly to avoid enemy fire.

Galaxy Toys 2F Walkthrough

1 Ride the yellow rail on the Gacha machine and head to 2F
2 Fight back the horde of Heartless
3 Defeat the three Dragon Figure Heartless
4 Enter the vent on the roof and follow the path inside the air conditioning duct
5 Go to the southeast of the Dolls section
6 Examine the blue doll
7 Examine the dolls near the window
8 Fight the Doll Heartless

Galaxy Toys 2F Strategy

How to Defeat the Doll Heartless

Toy Box Walkthrough

Amber will generate shockwaves on the floor from time to time, so make sure to jump and glide to avoid being hit. She also performs melee attacks, so avoid them with a dodge roll before attacking.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to defeat this boss.

Galaxy Toys 3F Walkthrough

1 Shoot down the UFO on the third floor
2 Once you are back to 1F, go to the Games corner and ride the blue rail
3 Ride the Giga and defeat enemies
4 Enter the Kids Section of 3F from the outdoor bay windows
5 Make a road to the dark corridor using Magneblocks that you collect in the area
7 Destroy the dice blocks blocking your way using a Giga and defeat the enemies inside to collect the last Magneblock pieces
8 Enter the dark corridor
9 Defeat the Boss

Galaxy Toys 3F Strategy

Use a Giga to Defeat the UFO

Toy Box Walkthrough

Once the UFO is low on health, it will fly around at a faster speed. It will be harder to attack using a Keyblade. Ride a Giga and use its projectiles to hit the enemy UFO as well as its reinforcements.

How to Defeat the Boss

Toy Box Walkthrough

Its weak spot is its head, so aim for that more than anywhere else. Lock on to the head of the boss then jump on top of the King of Toys using the blocks in the area. Attack its head using the Kingdom Key’s Formchange (Second Form) to deal damage efficiently.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to defeat this boss.

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Toy Box World Introduction

KH3 Toy Box Adventure

Sora’s adventure in the world of Toy Story focuses on solving the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of toys as well as the emergence of Heartless. Sora and his friends will team up with Woody and Buzz on their mission from the Toy Box to the Toy Store. You can find out more about Kingdom Hearts’ Toy Box adventure here.

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