Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Limit Cut Episode Guide

A guide on the Limit Cut Episode in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind. Included are bosses encountered, general mechanics, and tips on clearing it.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind - Limit Cut Episode Guide

Guide for Limit Cut Episode

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Limit Cut Episode Guide

The Limit Cut episode pits you against the members of True Organization XIII in a boss rush-style mode. Bosses encountered in Limit Cut are considerably more aggressive than their regular versions, have more health and can perform new attacks.

Limit Cut also features Xion as a returning boss in the series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC Walkthrough

How to unlock Limit Cut Episode

The Limit Cut Episode is unlocked after clearing the ReMind scenarios which are Keyblade Graveyard and Scala ad Caelum.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Walkthrough

Limit Cut Episode Bosses

Datascape Boss Battle Reward Item Description
Data Young Xehanort Magic Weight Grants a moderate boost in Magic (Magic: 3)
Data Riku Replica Power Weight Grans a moderate boost in Strength (Strength: 3)
Data Larxene Magic Boost Permanently raises Magic by 1
Data Saix Power Weight Grans a moderate boost in Strength (Strength: 3)
Data Xigbar AP Boost Permanently raises maximum AP by 1
Data Ansem Defense Boost Permanently raises Defense by 1
Data Vanitas AP Boost Permanently raises maximum AP by 1
Data Marluxia Magic Weight Grants a moderate boost in Magic (Magic: 3)
Data Terra-Xehanort Power Boost Permanent raises Strength by 1
Data Luxord Magic Weight Grants a moderate boost in Magic (Magic: 3)
Data Xemnas Power Weight Grants a moderate boost in Strength (Strength: 3)
Data Xion* Breakthrough Grants an incredible boost in Strength and a small boost in Maximum AP (Strength: 7, AP: 15, Cure Converter)
Data Master Xehanort* Master Belt Grants an incredible boost in Defense and a small boost in Dark Resistance (Defense: 7, Dark Resistance: 20%)

*Initially locked until you defeat 11 of the datascape bosses. Master Xehanort is fought as the last boss in Limit Cut episode after you have defeated Xion.


Obtain Ultima Weapon

It is highly recommended to have obtained Ultima Weapon before attempting the Limit Cut episode as the datascape bosses are extremely challenging. The Keyblade also gives you access to Ultimate Form, allowing you to block attacks from all directions. This grants you better survivability in battle.

How to Obtain Ultima Weapon

Equip the Kupo Coin

The Kupo Coin lets you survive a fatal blow once, recovering half of your maximum HP and curing you of any status ailments. Upon obtaining the MOG Card, the Kupo coin will fully restore your HP, 100 of MP (or 50% of the gauge), and remove all status effects.

This makes the Kupo Coin incredibly useful as a form of second wind to defeat the challenging bosses in the datascape.

Recommended Abilities

Below are the most useful abilities to equip when going up against Limit Cut episode bosses.

Name Details
Glide Extremely useful for avoiding most ranged attacks from datascape bosses.
Block Required for Counter Slash/Kick/Impact. Most of your opportunities to damage bosses in Limit Cut start from timing your block before countering.
Counter Slash/Kick/Impact Reprisal abilities will set up your enemies for follow-up combos, making Counter Slash/Kick/Impact invaluable.
Final Blow Allows you to stay on enemies after countering them to stack even more damage.
Payback Strike Recommended ability for retaliating after an aerial recovery.

Abilities List

Limit Cut Episode Unlockable

Clearing the Limit Cut episode unlocks the secret episode and secret boss of the ReMind DLC.

Secret Episode and Boss Guide

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