Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - San Fransokyo Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of San Fransokyo in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable equipment, and items.

KH3 San Fransokyo Walkthrough

Ally Characters in San Fransokyo

KH3 BaymaxBaymax KH3 HiroHiro

Obtainable Elements


Keyblade Details
Nano Gear Obtained after clearing the World

Formchanges: Nano Arms


Equipment Details
Hero’s Glove Obtained after assisting the Big Hero 6 against the Dark Cube
Yin-Yang Cufflinks Battlegate reward
Cosmic Chain Battlegate reward

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San Fransokyo Walkthrough 1

1 Defeat the group of Heartless with Baymax
2 Obtain the AR device in the garage
3 Complete Flash Tracer mini game
4 Locate and defeat the Heartless on the roof of the building using the AR device
5 Defeat the massive Heartless

San Fransokyo Walkthrough Strategy 1

3) Tips for Flash Tracer

The only way to achieve a high score is to quickly pass through the rings while efficiently taking out enemies along the way. If you find yourself off course, look for the purple icon and follow the direction indicated by the arrow.

5) How to defeat the massive Heartless

KH3 San Fransokyo Walkthrough 1

If you ride on the back of the boss and attack its head, you can reliably deal damage and avoiding taking a share of your own. However, watch out for when the massive Heartless shoots fireballs from its back. From there, continuously attack its battery to stop it. When the battle moves to the roof of the building, shoot or attack its tail. Watch for when the tail summons lightning. This happens when it starts to elongate itself towards the boss’ head.

San Fransokyo Walkthrough 2

1 Head towards the T intersection of the central town, north area
2 Help the Big Hero 6 defeat the Heartless
3 Proceed to the south area on the roof of the Bank
4 Battle the Dark Cube
5 Defeat the Dark Baymax

San Fransokyo Walkthrough  Strategy 2

Helping the Big Hero 6

KH3 San Fransokyo Walkthrough 2

Attack the “arms” of the mysterious cube creature clinging to the poles.

Save Go Go

KH3 San Fransokyo Walkthrough 3

Pursue the giant digital creature and attack it. You can also use the giant crimson ball to make it easier for you to catch up and damage it.

Help Honey Lemon

KH3 San Fransokyo Walkthrough 4

Attack the colored connections of the enemy with magic according to their color.

Red Fire Magic
Blue Water Magic
Yellow Thunder Magic

Assist Wasabi

Use the jumping platforms on the left and right to make an aerial attack on the enemy.

How to Defeat the Dark Cube

You can only damage the Dark Cube when its core is exposed. This happens when it briefly assumes a heart form after performing a series of fist attacks. Focus on guarding and dodging its attacks when the core is hidden. The core will rise slowly from the ground after the boss performs its fist attacks. Pay attention to situation commands when they become available as well.

Click here to see our more detailed Dark Cube Boss Guide.

Battling Dark Baymax

Pursue Dark Baymax while attacking it with the R2 button. Be careful of the mines and laser barricades deployed as you chase it across the city. The boss will briefly stop to aim its powerful laser attack at you so be prepared to barrel roll. For the next stage of the fight, strafe around the area to avoid its mines and projectiles and continue firing. Note that you can throw the black cube mines it summons back at Dark Baymax to damage it. It will soon sprout wings to do a series of rush attacks that are very easy to evade. It will also summon multiple black mines. Continue to strafe while shooting and it will be defeated.

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San Fransokyo World Introduction

KH3 San Fransokyo World Introduction

Sora, Donald, and Goofy explore the world of Big Hero 6 in a city called San Fransokyo. They meet Hiro, Go Go, and Baymax, protectors of the massive city who battle against the Heartless that have begun appearing. Riku is also spotted somewhere in the area wearing a black coat.

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