Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - The Caribbean Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of The Carribean in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable equipment, and items.

KH3 The Caribbean Walkthrough

Ally Characters in The Caribbean

KH3 Jack SparrowJack Sparrow

Obtainable Elements


Weapon Details
Wheel of Fate Obtained after clearing the World

Formchanges: Highwind, Storm Flag


Equipment Details
Master Ring
Sorcerer’s Ring
Water Cufflinks Battlegate reward


Ability Details
Thundaga Obtained after defeating the giant Fish Heartless
Waterga Obtain after clearing the World

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The Caribbean Walkthrough

1 Battle the Heartless following the Black Pearl
2 Sail the Black Pearl to the island’s shore
3 Defend the Black Pearl from air attacks
4 Swim underwater and head for the cave on the ocean floor
5 Open the treasure chest of the cave’s hall and fight the giant fish Heartless
6 Open the treasure chest to obtain the Ariel Link Summon
7 Move along the side of the hall to exit the cave
8 Board the Black Pearl and get off the coast
9 Race to Port Royal
10 Destroy the fleet and board Xigbar’s ship.

The Caribbean Walkthrough Strategy 1

3) Focus on the big Heartless during the air battle

KH3 The Caribbean Walkthrough 1


During the air battle, there will be countless small Heartless in the area. Instead of attacking them, focus your assault on the big Heartless. Try to avoid the attacks of the small Heartless by dodging left and right. When you manage to take it down, jump on its back and strike its head. Be sure to guard when the Heartless raises its head to retaliate.

5) Giant Fish Heartless

KH3 The Caribbean Walkthrough 2

The giant fish Heartless moves very slowly and does not attack too aggresively. Approach it from its sides or from behind and unload on the enemy. Avoid staying in front of the boss for too long as it will perform a powerful move from this position.

The Caribbean Walkthrough 2

1 Search Port Royal for the white crabs
2 Strengthen the ship with the crabs collected
3 Ride the Leviathan and head for the shipwreck in the cove
4 Battle the fleet of Heartless
5 Enter the cove
6 Battle the Kraken
7 Defeat Davy Jones

The Caribbean Walkthrough Strategy 2

Where to find the crabs

The crabs can be found in cannons. You can find around 40 of them in town by going up the slope. There will be 150 of them in the second town and more as you approach the fort up to the wharf.

Repelling the fleet of Heartless

Focus your attack on the lesser enemy ships before aiming at their main vessel. Aim your cannons on the areas glowing green to sink them. When the gauge of the ships accumulate, they will attack. Use situation commands after the enemy ships disappear in the fog and come together in groups to damage them.

6) How to Defeat the Kraken

KH3 The Caribbean Walkthrough 3

Targeting the white tentacles of the Kraken near the center of the whirlpool. Avoid attacking the black tentacles. Nearby pirate ships will also attack the boss.  Unload on the Kraken when there are only a few black tentacles left.

7) Battling Davy Jones

Davy Jones can easily be dealt with using magic and shooting. Don’t forget to use Link Attacks with your allies to damage him even more. When the Kraken appears, Jones will delight in it. Use Attraction Flow to end the battle as quickly as possible.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to defeat this boss.

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The Caribbean World Introduction

Searching for a mysterious “box” at sea

KH3 The Caribbean World Introduction

Sora, Donald, and Goofy venture into the world of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The heroes are reunited with Jack Sparrow on their way to the end of the sea. Jack is apparently looking for a “box,” an object that Luxord from the True Organization XIII is searching for as well.

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