Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - How to Upgrade the Leviathan

A guide on how to upgrade the Leviathan in Kingdom Hearts 3, including the best location to farm white crabs.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - How to Upgrade the Leviathan

Upgrading the Leviathan

While in The Caribbean, you will need to upgrade the Leviathan to be able to take on the Heartless fleet encountered at sea. The ship requires white crabs found all throughout The Caribbean to be enhanced.

The best place to gather white crabs is on Containment Island.

The Caribbean Walkthrough

Collecting White Crabs

Containment Island

Fast travel to Containment Island. You will find some barrels there that you can destroy housing some white crabs. As many as 130 white crabs can be obtained by breaking the barrels in the area.

Afterwards, return to the Leviathan by using shootlock. Interact with the map next to the ship’s steering wheel and fast travel again to Containment Island. Destroy the barrels on the island again to collect more white crabs.

Destroying Heartless Ships

White crabs can also be obtained by defeating a Heartless fleet with ships that have glowing green spheres on their hulls. The table below summarizes the number of white crabs obtained.

Ships in the Fleet White Crabs Obtained
2 15
3 25
5 60


Upon leveling up, the Leviathan’s HP and attack power increases. The number of guns mounted on the ship also increases after certain levels. The enhancements done on the Leviathan for each level reached is indicated below.

LV HP Attack Power No. of Side Guns No. of Frontal Guns
1 5,000 100 10 4
2 5,500 100 14 4
3* 6,000 110 14 4
4 6,500 120 14 4
5 7,000 120 14 8
6 7,500 130 14 8
7 8,000 130 18 8
8 8,500 140 18 8
9** 9,000 150 18 8

*Unlocks the Leviathan’s Rush ability. This allows the ship to move at maximum speed when activated. It is recommended to raise the Leviathan’s level to at least 3 as Rush is an extremely useful skill during the main story.

**Unlocks the Black Pearl. This second ship has superior mobility and attack power to the Leviathan but has lower HP and number of mounted guns.

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