Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Yozora Secret Boss Guide

A guide on the secret episode boss Yozora in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind. Included are the boss' attacks and strategies to defeat them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Sephiroth Secret Boss Guide

Yozora (Secret Boss)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Yozora Secret Boss Guide

How to Unlock

Yozora can be fought in the secret episode after clearing the ReMind scenarios and Limit Cut episode.

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Recommended Level

It is recommended to be at level 80 or higher before taking on Yozora in the secret episode.

Leveling Guide

Recommended Equipment and Abilities

Weapon Ultima Weapon, Oblivion, Oathkeeper
Accessories Junior Medal (with Cloud Protection), Junior Medal (with Second Chance)
Items Various healing items
Abilities Glide, Block, Counter Slash, Final Blow, Payback Strike, Leaf Bracer, Withstand Combo, Second Chance, MP Haste, Damage Control


Sword Strikes

Yozora will combo with his sword by warping toward you. He can also do this immediately after he performs laser blasts, launches a water ball projectile, or after deploying his pyramid trap. This can be dodged or blocked to avoid taking damage. Note that Yozora can also warp in between sword combos, either to do another string of sword strikes or reposition himself.

Sword Throw

Yozora will throw his sword at you to do a sword strike combo from afar. The move is one of the best opportunities to block and counter him, leaving him open to attack. Try to get the timing down on when the attack connects.

You can also dodge the attack and run towards him or use shotlock to catch him off guard as he lands.

Gun Orb Shot

Yozora will generate a massive orb from his gun to encase you in it. If you are caught, Yozora will steal your equipped weapon, leaving you unarmed. Can be dodged or avoided by running away from him. Yozora can do the attack twice in a row or after teleporting from a sword combo.

If your weapon is stolen, focus on dodging the floating Keyblades that appear until your weapon returns.

Water Ball

Yozora will shoot out a massive water ball to home in on you. You will be inflicted with cloud if you are hit. Dodge or glide in the air to avoid it. Yozora can also teleport near you as the water ball closes in.

Gun Rush

Yozora rushes at you with his crossbow gun radiating energy. Is somewhat safer to block instead of dodge because of its good tracking.

Pyramid Trap

Yozora dashes sideways and summons three small triangular devices that shoot toward you to encase you. Time your dodge the moment you see the red lasers connecting the devices to each other to avoid getting trapped. You will take massive damage if you get caught.

Stay alert and get ready to guard after getting out of the trap as Yozora will warp near you to attack with his sword. He will deploy another set of pyramid traps afterwards and can cycle the entire setup three times.

During the third time he sets up his pyramid trap after doing two in a row, he will delay the follow-up sword strike. Be on guard for this.

Rapid Laser Blasts

Yozora will shoot lasers at you multiple times. These can be blocked or dodged, though keep in mind that the the interval between blasts is very short. Yozora can also warp towards you to break your guard rhythm so stay alert.

Note that Yozora will fire blue beams along with the normal red ones during the later stages of the fight. The former is unblockable and must be dodged to avoid taking damage.

Charged Sword

Yozora will charge his sword for a brief moment and unleash a ranged strike at you. Yozora can warp to you and combo with his sword if it connects or not. The attack can be dodged.

During the later stages of the fight, Yozora’s charged sword will glow blue instead of red. Dodge it as it cannot be blocked in this state.

Locked on Strikes

Lock-on symbols will appear on you followed by three waves of strikes. Yozora will then appear in front of you to do a sword combo. All three strikes can be guarded, though it is recommended to dodge them during the later stages of the fight as Yozora’s locked-on strikes will become blue beams (unblockable).

Charged Stealing Beam

Yozora will briefly charge his crossbow gun in the air and fire a thick beam that can steal your HP and equipped items. Glide away to avoid it.

Try to stay near Yozora while gliding as he throws out the attack thrice in a row. After the third stealing beam, he will be vulnerable to attack.

Sphere Phase

When Yozora is down to about half of his HP, he will summon a large sphere. During this phase, he will perform a wave of laser and sword attacks. You can attack him briefly as he starts to summon the sphere.

Gigas Call

The battlefield changes and Yozora summons a group of Gigas that charges toward you. The Gigas can be avoided by running around and dodging in a circular direction. Yozora can only do this in his sphere phase.

Clone Strikes

The battlefield changes again and the large sphere in the middle of the battlefield turns into multiple copies of Yozora. Can be guarded to avoid taking damage.

Sphere Crash

A powerful attack where Yozora launches the red sphere toward you. You will suffer massive damage if you are caught. Can be avoided by gliding away from it, though Yozora will attack you with sword strikes as the sphere draws near.

Armored Rapid Slash

At the end of the sphere phase, Yozora will perform a series of slashes with his sword while having armor. You can destroy his armor by repeatedly guarding and countering his attacks. Doing so leaves Yozora vulnerable to a follow-up combo.

Rapid Lasers + Sword Strikes

When Yozora is down to his last few health bars, he will perform laser blasts and warping sword combos almost simultaneously. These are incredibly tricky to counter, though it is not impossible if you get the timing down.


Yozora’s Steal Ability

Note that Yozora can use his gun to steal and use any of your equipped Keyblades and items, especially Kupo Coins. It is not advised to have any of the latter equipped as it will allow Yozora to survive a fatal blow if he manages to steal it from you.


Many of Yozora’s ranged attacks can be avoided by gliding in the air. These include his water ball projectiles, various laser attacks, and charged stealing beam.

Dodge or counter Yozora’s attacks.

Yozora will be left vulnerable if you evade or counter his sword attacks, especially his sword throw.

Attack when he lands on the ground.

Yozora can safely be attacked when he is falling to the ground after he has thrown out his moves. He is especially vulnerable after you dodge his sword throw attack. Run toward him or use shotlock as he descends to catch him off guard.

Don’t be distracted by projectiles.

Yozora will often launch projectiles, particularly his water balls, and teleport near you to maintain the pressure. Always anticipate an attack even if he is a good distance away from you to be able to block and counter him.


Links allow you to recover HP and give you some time to tank through Yozora’s combos. Use them when you are in a pinch for better survivability.


Shotlock helps you close the distance and attack Yozora when he positions himself away from you. Follow it up with a combo to stack some damage on him.

Double Form’s Finishing Move

Using Double Form’s finishing move deals massive damage to Yozora and briefly incapacites him afterwards. This gives you a good opportunity to follow up with a combo for even more damage.


Crystal Regalia+ Accessory

Upon defeating Yozora, you will obtain the Crystal Regalia+ accessory. It grants an incredible boost in Strength and Magic, and a moderate boost in maximum AP.

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Premium Menu

Defeating Yozora also unlocks the Premium Menu. Press the option button while on the in-game menu screen to access it. You will then be able to access the Fast Pass and Black Code options in your game.

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