Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Prologue Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Kingdom Hearts 3's Prologue, including starting choices, objectives, equipment, items, and bosses encountered.

FInal World

Prologue Walkthrough

KH3 Prologue Walkthrough 1

1 Approach the mirror.
2 Choose one option from the choices for “Desire”
3 Choose another option from three more choices for “Power”
4 Defeat the Heartless.

Important Points During the Prologue

Differences of Each Choice – Desire

The player will start with the following stats upon choosing one of three options for “Desire”.

Choice Details
Wisdom Strength: 15/ Magic: 8/Defense: 1

HP: 90 / MP: 120 / AP: 28

Vitality Strength: 15/ Magic: 8/Defense: 1

HP: 120 / MP: 100 / AP: 28

Balance Strength: 15/ Magic: 8/Defense: 1

HP: 105 / MP: 110 / AP: 28

Differences of Each Choice – Power

The player will learn certain types of abilities faster (varies depending on the power chosen) than the others.

Choice Details
Power of the Guardian Player learns certain defense-related abilities earlier than the other two power choices.
Power of the Warrior Player learns certain offense-related abilities earlier than the other two power choices.
Power of the Mystic Player learns certain magic-related abilities earlier than the other two power choices.

For Critical Mode

It is recommended to choose “Wisdom” and “Power of the Mystic” as it is significantly easier to deal with most enemies in Critical Mode with magic than with physical attacks. Foes will do about twice as much damage from that in standard difficulty, so choosing “Vitality” and “Power of the Warrior” will be of very little help in Critical Mode.

Critical Mode Guide

Giant Heartless Battle

Attack either hand of the giant Heartless to damage it. The Heartless will sometimes perform a shockwave that has a wide radius. You can avoid taking damage by jumping before it slams its hand into the ground. When you see the boss kneel, get as far away as you can to avoid the projectiles that will shoot out of its chest. The giant Heartless will drop items upon being defeated.

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