Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Magic Skills List

A list of magic skills for Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3. As a mage, Donald Duck can also use some of these magic skills to either heal Sora or deal damage to enemies.

Magic Skills List

Below is a list of magic skills that Sora can learn in Kingdom Hearts 3. Some of these magic skills can also be used by Donald Duck to deal damage to enemies or to heal allies.

Name How to Obtain
Fire Clear the Prologue
Fira Obtained after arriving in Monstropolis
Firaga Defeat the Catastrochorus in San Fransokyo
Blizzard Clear Twilight Town
Blizzara Defeat the Snow Monster in Arendelle
Blizzaga Defeat Anti-Aqua
Thunder Defeat the UFO Boss in Toy Box
Thundara Obtained after the battle in Arendelle
Thundaga Defeat the Giant Fish Heartless in The Caribbean
Aero Obtained after the first battle in Kingdom of Corona
Aerora Defeat Dark Baymax in San Fransokyo
Aeroga Defeat the Lich
Water Clear the Prologue
Watera Defeat the Heartless in the scorched area of Monstropolis
Waterga Clear The Caribbean

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