Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - New Worlds Summary

This page contains a summary of new explorable worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3, including the characters Sora and his friends will meet on their adventure.

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Worlds Summary

Frozen (Arendelle)

KH3 Frozen

A scene in Arendelle where Sora meets Anna from the Disney movie Frozen has been featured in various game trailers.

Toy Story (Toy Box)

KH3 Toy Story

Sora, Donald, and Goofy will travel to the Toy Box and meet the cast of Pixar’s Toy Story. Pictured above are the heroes talking with Woody, one of the film’s main characters.

Big Hero 6 (San Fransokyo)

KH3 Big Hero 6

An image released in the earliest promotional material for Kingdom Hearts 3. The world of San Fransokyo was confirmed as one of the worlds to explore in the game. Sora is seen riding on Baymax while battling a heartless version of the film’s hero.

Monster, Inc. (Monstropolis)

KH3 Monsters, Inc.

Sora will also travel to Monstropolis and join forces with Mike and Sulley from the movie Monsters, Inc. as seen above.

Tangled (Kingdom of Corona)

KH3 Tangled

The Kingdom of Corona makes its appearance in the upcoming game where Sora and his friends team up with Rapunzel. The image above shows Rapunzel in battle using her hair to attack enemies.

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