Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Data Vanitas Boss Guide (Limit Cut)

A boss guide on Data Vanitas Boss (Limit Cut Episode) in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind. Included are the boss' attacks and strategies to defeat them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Data Vanitas Boss Guide (Limit Cut)

Boss Guide on Data Vanitas (Limit Cut Episode)

Data Vanitas is one of the boss enemies encountered in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind’s Datascape Radiant Garden.

Re:Mind Radiant Garden Walkthrough Limit Cut Episode Guide

Recommended Level

It is highly recommended to be at level 80 or higher before taking on Data Vanitas in the limit cut episode.

Recommended Equipment

Weapon Ultima Weapon
Items Kuppo Coin

Recommended Abilities

Ability AP Ability Description
Glide 1 Hold the circle button while in the air to glide.
Block 2 Press the square button to guard against frontal attacks.
Counter Impact 4 Press the X button after a successful block to send surrounding enemies flying. Reprisal ability.
Counter Kick 4 Press the X button after a successful block to attack distance enemies. Reprisal ability.
Final Blow 5 Press the X button after performing a reprisal attack to instantly move next to the enemy and continue attacking.
Payback Strike 5 Press the X button after a successful aerial recovery to attack enemies with a flurry blows.

Boss Attacks

1) Slash Wave

  • Data Vanitas performs a slash wave attack that will make Sora frozen if hit.

2) Shadow Dive

  • Data Vanitas ascends and phases in and out towards Sora in order to hit him.

3) Exploding Fireballs

  • While in Shadow Dive, Data Vanitas shoots out multiple fireballs around him. These fireballs can also heat a certain portion of the ground.

4) Continuous Slash Wave

  • Data Vanitas unleashes three consecutive slash attacks. The last slash can slow the target.

5) Fireball Missiles

  • Data Vanitas will send a volley of fireballs aimed at Sora from a distance.

6) Keyblade Ride

  • Data Vanitas jumps on a tornado wave of keyblades and attempts to smash all of them towards Sora.

6)  Ice Missiles

  • During the Keyblade Ride, Data Vanitas releases ice missiles in order to freeze Sora.

7) Unversed Wave Attack

  • As the battle goes on, Data Vanitas will go to the center of the area and summon Unversed monsters to attack Sora.

Boss Strategy

1) Attack Data Vanitas When He Finished His Attacks

After Data Vanitas unleashed his moves, he will distance himself from Sora. Take that opportunity to damage him.

2) Use Block Against Ranged Attacks

Use Block to protect sora against Data Vanitas’ ranged moves. You can block against his Shadow Dive, Slash Wave, and Fireballs. However, you cannot block his Ice missiles.

3) Avoid Hitting Back During Keyblade Ride

You have a small chance of hitting Data Vanitas back while he is on Keyblade Ride. What you can do instead is to avoid his attacks, including his ice balls.


Name Effects
AP Boost Permanently raises maximum AP by 1
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