Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Main Story Walkthrough Directory

The complete walkthrough for Kingdom Hearts 3's main story. Go to each world's page for story objectives, boss strategy guides and treasure chest locations.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Story Walkthrough Directory

World Walkthrough Progression

Below is a list of explorable worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. Click on a world to go to its walkthrough page for a complete guide on how to complete it. This includes obtainable weapons, equipment, boss strategies, and treasure chest locations.

List of Worlds
FInal WorldPrologue Featured Work
Kingdom Hearts (Original)
Character Appearances
KH3 Olympus WalkthroughOlympus Walkthrough Featured Work
Character Appearances
Hercules / Hades
KH3 Twilight Town WalkthroughTwilight Town Walkthrough Featured Work
Kingdom Hearts (Original)
Character Appearances
Hayner / Pence / Olette
KH3 Toy Box WalkthroughToy Box Walkthrough Featured Work
Toy Story
Character Appearances
Woody / Buzz
KH3 Kingdom of Corona WalkthroughKingdom of Corona Walkthrough Featured Work
Character Appearances
Rapunzel / Flynn
KH3 Monstropolis WalkthroughMonstropolis Walkthrough Featured Work
Monsters, Inc.
Character Appearances
Sulley / Mike
KH3 Arendelle WalkthroughArendelle Walkthrough Featured Work
Character Appearances
Elsa / Ana
KH3 The Caribbean WalkthroughThe Caribbean Walkthrough Featured Work
Pirates of the Caribbean
Character Appearances
Jack Sparrow / Elizabeth
KH3 San Fransokyo WalkthroughSan Fransokyo Walkthrough Featured Work
Big Hero 6
Character Appearances
KH3 100 Are Wood Walkthrough100 Acre Wood Walkthrough Featured Work
Winnie the Pooh
Character Appearances
Winnie the Pooh / Rabbit / Tigger
Keyblade GraveyardKeyblade Graveyard Featured Work
Kingdom Hearts (Original)
Character Appearances

Scala as CaelumScala Ad Caelum Featured Work
Kingdom Hearts (Original)
Character Appearances


Post-Game Unlockables

For features unlocked after clearing the main story from the walkthrough, please go to the Post-Game Unlockables page.

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