Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable equipment, and items.

Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough

Ally Characters in Kingdom of Corona

Rapunzel Flynn Rider

Obtainable Elements


Weapon Details
Ever After Obtained after clearing the World

Formchanges: Mirage Staff


Equipment Details
Defense Belt Treasure chest
Shadow Anklet Treasure chest
Wind Fan Treasure chest
Elven Bandanna Treasure chest
Mage’s Earring Photo Missions reward
Aero Cufflinks Battlegate reward


Ability Details
Aero Obtained after the first battle in the World
Retaliating Slash
Super Jump
Aerial Spiral
MP Rage

View Kingdom of Corona Map

Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough

1 Defeat the group of Heartless
2 Follow Flynn to the tower
3 Follow the signs to reach Corona Castle
4 Use Aero for Dandelion
5 Battle the group of Nobodies
6 Reach the swamp behind the forest
7 Exit the swamp by heading southwest
8 Use Rapunzel’s ability to escape the swamp
9 Pass through the cave and defeat the mob of Heartless

Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough Strategy

Get the map first

There is a map in a treasure chest near the entrance to the swamp. If you don’t get it, you will have a very difficult time navigating the area. Goofy will alert you of the map as you approach the treasure chest. Once you obtain the map, you can follow the direction to the southwest that leads to the next area.

Defeat the Heartless Tower

KH3 Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough 1

When the battle starts, focus on defeating the surrounding Heartless first. If you attack the Heartless riding the tower, another Heartless will come to replace it. When you’ve cleared all the enemies around the tower, take out the one on top of it. When the tower transforms into a chariot, it will gain three bars of HP. The boss will have a very predictable attack pattern of trying to charge at you. Time your dodges before unleashing a counterattack to take as little damage as possible.

Town of Corona Walkthrough

1 Head to the center of the town
2 Get the minimum score in the Festival Dance mini game
3 Defeat the Nobodies that appear

How to get a high score in Festival Dance

KH3 Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough 2

Watch for the colored symbols that appear on the ground. Do a spin if it is red and a step if it is blue. If you follow the steps well, you will be able to perform a handstand during the dance to increase your score. During the partnering sequence, follow the pink rings to connect your combos for a higher score.

Save Rapunzel Walkthrough

1 Defeat the group of Nobodies
2 Fend off the Nobodies and Heartless as you come up to Rapunzel’s tower
3 Defeat the boss

Save Rapunzel Strategy

How to Defeat the Boss

KH3 Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough 3

You will need to dodge a lot of the boss’ attacks during the battle. Attack it in the face to damage it. The boss will then move to the top of the tower behind the dazzling light, raining attacks down on you which you should avoid. If the boss cages you in, move back, forward, then back again in sequence. If you manage to strike it in the face again, the boss will fall from the tower and take big damage.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to defeat this boss.

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Kingdom of Corona World Introduction

Kingdom of Corona Walkthrough

The world’s story follows Rapunzel, a girl who longs to explore the outside world but is unable to do so out of fear of her mother. Once she meets Flynn Rider, a bandit who accidentally discovers Rapunzel’s tower, she gains the courage to venture out to the world unknown to her. Unbeknownst to Rapunzel, her “mother” is cooperating with a certain Real Organization XIII member to use her powers for their plans. You can find out more about Kingdom Hearts’ Kingdom of Corona adventure here.

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