Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Character Voice Actors and Theme Songs List (English)

A list of Voice Actors for the main characters of Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as its theme songs. Also included are the voice actors' previous works.

Major Characters

Sora Voice Actor: Haley Joel Osment
Other Major Roles:
Cole Sear (The Sixth Sense,) David (A.I. Artificial Intelligence)
Riku Voice Actor: David Gallagher
Other Major Roles:
Simon Camden (7th Heaven)
Kairi Voice Actor: Alyson Stoner
Other Major Roles:
Isabella (Phineas and Ferb,) Opal (Avatar: The Legend of Korra)
Roxas Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney
Other Major Roles:
Robin/Nightwing (Young Justice,) Famous Singer and Songwriter
Aqua Voice Actor: Willa Holland
Other Major Roles:
Agnes Andrews (Gossip Girl,) Thea Queen/Speedy (Arrow)
Master Xehanort Voice Actor: Rutger Hauer
Other Major Roles:
Roy Batty (Blade Runner,) Andreas Kartack (The Legend of the Holy Drinker)
Namine Voice Actor: Brittany Snow
Other Major Roles:
Meg Pryor (American Dreams,) Susan “Daisy” Lemay (Guiding Light)
Lea Voice Actor: Quinton Flynn
Other Major Roles:
Reno (Final Fantasy VII,) Jhin (League of Legends)

Minor Characters

Ienzo (Zexion) Voice Actor: Vince Corazza
Other Major Roles:
Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon,) Alden Jones (Braceface)
Even (Vexen) Voice Actor: Derek Stephen Prince
Other Major Roles:
Uryū Ishida (Bleach,) Shino Aburame (Naruto)
Saix Voice Actor: Kirk Thornton
Other Major Roles:
Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Boom,) Hajime Saito (Rurouni Kenshin)
Demyx Voice Actor: Ryan O’Donohue
Other Major Roles:
Grub (A Bug’s Life)
Xigbar Voice Actor: James Patrick Stuart
Other Major Roles:
Valentin Cassadine (General Hospital,) Dick Roman (Supernatural)

Disney Characters

Character Voice Actor
Woody Jim Hanks
Buzz Mike MacRae
Mike Carlos Alazraqui
Sullivan Christopher Swindle
Elsa Idina Menzel
Ana Kristen Bell
Jack Sparrow Jared Butler
Bay Max Scott Adsit
Hiro Ryan Potter
Rapunzel Kelsey Lansdowne

Theme Songs

Opening Song

Song Name Face My Fears
Artist/s Utada Hikaru & Skrillex

Source: Utada Hikaru Official YouTube Channel

Theme Song

Song Name Don’t Think Twice
Artist/s Utada Hikaru

Source: Square Enix JP YouTube

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