Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Larxene Boss Guide (Limit Cut)

A boss guide on Larxene (Limit Cut Episode) in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. Included are the boss' attacks and strategies to defeat them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Larxene Limit Cut

Larxene (Limit Cut Episode)

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Larxene Limit Cut
Data Larxene is one of the boss enemies encountered in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind.

Re:Mind Radiant Garden Walkthrough Limit Cut Episode Guide

Recommended Level

Data Larxene is one of the boss enemies encountered in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind.

Recommended Equipment and Abilities

Weapon Ultima Weapon, Oblivion, Oathkeeper
Accessories Moogle Medal
Abilities Glide, Block, Reprisal ability, Final Blow, Payback Strike


1) Summon enemies

Data Larxene summons multiple mysterious enemies.

2) Continuous Swing

Data Larxene takes to the skies and strikes like a blade.

3) Continuous Shock waves

Data Larxene channels three shock waves in a row.

4) Homing Shockwave

Data Larxene releases a single shock wave. While slower, it can track Sora.

5) Lightning Poles

Data Larxene dives and surrounds herself with six poles.

6) Lightning Strike

Strikes for a few seconds and then fires off a powerful shockwave. The attack has a large area of effect.

7) Avatar

Data Larxene summons her alter ego. When damaged, the summons disappear.


1) Dodge skillfully

Use evasive abilities like Dodge Rolls to escape from Data Larxene’s attacks. She can cast lightning bolts that can’t be blocked with the guard ability.

2) Wait for an opening

Some of Data Larxene’s attacks such as Continuous Swings and Continuous Shockwave can be interrupted with well-timed attacks. When she uses Continuous Swing, wait for her to unleash a fan-shaped strike and close in immediately. On the other hand, if she uses Continuous Shockwave, lure her to using the third shockwave and then charge for an attack of your own.

3) Take out the mobs

Later in the battle, Data Larxene will create copies of herself which can overwhelm Sora with continuous attacks. Pick them off quickly to avoid taking too many hits.


Name Effects
Magic Boost Permanently raises Magic by 1.
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