Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Recommended Keyblades

A list of the best Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as the recommended weapon progression for Sora during the main story.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Recommended Keyblade Progression

Best Keyblades

The best Keyblades for Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 are ranked bellow. Included are information on each Keyblade’s unique characteristics, formchanges, and recommended Keyblade progression for the main story.

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Keyblades Ranking

Keyblade Details
Ultima Weapon#1 – Ultima Weapon The series’ strongest Keyblade is an unrivaled choice, boasting 13/13 Strength and Magic base stats. It also gives Sora access to the Ultimate form.
Classic Tone#2 – Classic Tone A Keyblade that has impressive Magic power with reasonable Strength levels. Classic Tone’s Magic even surpasses that of Ultima Weapon when fully upgraded.
KH3 Wheel of Fate Keyblade#3 – Wheel of Fate Second only to Ultima Weapon in terms of Strength, the Wheel of Fate is an extremely versatile weapon. It does, however, have low Magic power.
KH3 Nano Gear Keyblade#4 – Nano Gear Trailing the Wheel of Fate in terms of Strength, the Nano Gear makes up for this by being a well-balanced Keyblade.
KH3 Crystal Snow Keyblade#5 – Crystal Snow The next choice after Classic Tone when focusing on Magic. Crystal Snow is best used when focused on casting spells as it has poor Strength compared to other Keyblades.

Keyblades List

Recommended Keyblade Progression

Early Game: Favorite Deputy

KH3 Recommended Keyblades

Favorite Deputy is obtained after clearing the Toy Box. The Keyblade boasts good Strength, allowing you to tackle enemies encountered early on.

Favorite Deputy Keyblade Stats

Favorite Deputy formchanges to Boost Hammer and Drill Punch. The first is extremely effective in dealing with multiple small targets clustered together thanks to its wide attack range.

Drill Punch allows you to perform airborne attacks and is suitable for fighting bosses.

Favorite Deputy also has Luck Up which is useful for getting better item drops from enemies.

Mid Game: Crystal Snow

KH3 Recommended Keyblades

Crystal Snow is obtained after clearing Arendelle.  It has the second highest base Magic power of all the Keyblades after Classic Tone and Ultima Weapon. The Keyblade is generally good for attacking enemies from afar and is very easy to use.

Crystal Snow Keyblade Stats

Crystal Snow formchanges to Blizzard Claw and Blizzard Blade. Blizzard Claw is good for unleashing combos on enemies. Blizzard Blade, meanwhile, enables you to perform a full-body attack using ice razors that materialize in Sora’s arms and feet.

Crystal Snow can also freeze enemies in their tracks thanks to its ice properties.

When equipped, Crystal Snow grants you Freeze Protection that makes you immune to being frozen.

Late Game: Wheel of Fate

KH3 Recommended Keyblades

Wheel of Fate is obtained after clearing The Caribbean. It has the second highest base Strength level, only bested by the Ultima Weapon. Having a decent amount of Magic power makes this Keyblade one of the most versatile weapons in Sora’s arsenal.

Wheel of Fate Keyblade Stats

The Wheel of Fate formchanges into Highwind and Storm Flag. The two modes grant you increased attack range. Highwind is wielded like a spear-type weapon and Storm Flag is swung at enemies like a war banner.

Keyblade Abilities and Formchanges can be activated with Situation Commands during battle, though certain attacks can be used outside the normal conditions.

Keyblade Formchange List

Recommended Equipment
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