Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - ReMind DLC Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Scala Ad Caelum in Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC. Included are all weapons, equipment, abilities, items, enemies, and bosses found in the location.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Remind DLC Walkthrough List

Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind DLC Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Playable Characters

Name Location
Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - SoraSora Various
Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - KairiKairi Scala Ad Caelum

Obtainable Equipment

Name Location
Breezy Quarter Map Chest near the save point next after arriving at the Breezy Quarter.
Wellspring Gem Chest at the Breezy Quarter Sewer
Tarte aux Fruit+ Chest at the Breezy Quarter Sewer
Additional Item Slot (Upgrade) Defeat Armored Master Xehanort

Scala Ad Caelum Walkthrough

Breezy Quarter

1 Defeat the glowing Heartless to get the first fragment of Kairi’s heart.
2 The first fragment can be obtained by defeating the group of Heartless.
3 Follow Kairi to the Breezy Quarter. Get the map of the area from the chest near the save point.
4 Head to the far west of the map to find a fountain with no water. Attack the four conical devices around it to find another heart fragment.
5 Head north to find a large machine-like structure with green, red, and blue wheels around it. Attack a colored wheel when its corresponding colored arm aligns at the right spot on the globe in the middle. A good order is to attack the red one (middle), the green one (upper left corner), and the blue one (right). This will release a heart fragment.
6 While facing the large structure that held the heart fragment, turn around and walk until you see a plaza with a lamp post in the middle (with four benches around it). Turn left and jump down the fence behind the trees to arrive at the back entrance of the sewer.
7 Follow the path and jump down. When you come up to the area where the path branches forward and to the left, take the one going forward first to find a chest with Wellspring gem. Head back to the sewer and turn right while defeating some Heartless along the way. Turn right again to find the next heart fragment in a gated room. Release the gate by attacking the wheel on the left.
8 Enter the room. You will see that the heart fragment is locked in a cage. Turn around and walk up the wall above the gate where you came from and onto the upper level. Go forward to get Tarte aux Fruit+ from the chest. Afterwards, move toward the ledge and drop down to perform a falling attack to free the heart fragment.
9 Exit the sewer by going north, then head southwest to battle a giant Heartless holding the last heart fragment.

Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts

1 Defeat Xehanort’s replicas.
2 Repel the Xehanort replicas’ attacks with Mickey.
3 Link the keyholes with light.
4 Defeat Armored Master Xehanort.

Scala Ad Caelum Strategy

Guardians vs. Xehanort Replicas

The Xehanort Replicas can be defeated by timing guard and punishing them. Note that the enemies’ HPs will start to recover when they are low so try to finish them off as fast as possible.

Repelling the Xehanort Replicas

Watch for when you can use reaction commands with the △  button. You can also counterattack by pressing the ◯ button.

Use Sora instead of Kairi

If you only intend to clear the ReMind scenarios as fast as possible, choose Sora for the battle against armored Master Xehanort. He will likely be significantly stronger than Kairi at this point in the game.

Use Team Up Attacks

Kairi and Sora have a powerful Team Up attack that will deal massive damage to Armored Master Xehanort. Use it as often as possible, especially when playing as Kairi.

Unlocks Limit Cut Episode

Clearing the Scala Ad Caelum ReMind scenario unlocks the Limit Cut episode in Radiant Garden. The episode will pit you against the datascape versions of True Organization XIII in a one-on-one boss rush mode.

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