Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Monstropolis Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of the Monstropolis in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable Keyblades, equipment, and abilities and where to find them.

KH3 Monstropolis Walkthrough

Ally Characters in Monstropolis

KH3 MikeMike KH3 SulleySulley

Obtainable Elements


Weapon Details
Star Shield+ Treasure chest
Happy Gear Obtained after clearing the World

Formchanges to Agile Claws, Twin Yo-Yos


Equipment Details
Insulator Rosette Photo Missions reward
Aero Cufflinks Battlegate reward


Ability Details
Revenge Impact
Fira Obtained after arriving in the World
Watera Obtained after defeating the Heartless in the scorched area

View Monstropolis Map

Monstropolis Walkthrough

1 Defeat the Dread Shark aboard the Gummiship
2 Defeat the group of Unversed
3 Defeat the Unversed in the Laugh Floor
4 Head for the warehouse
5 Traverse the map via the rails
6 Use the Scream Strike to destroy the Heartless
7 Examine the door after riding the rails

Monstropolis Walkthrough Strategy

5) Hide behind the door to avoid the lightning

KH3 Monstropolis Walkthrough 1

You can attack enemies by pressing the R2 button while riding on the rails. When you see the lightning ahead, drop down and hang behind the door to avoid taking damage.

Factory Walkthrough

1 Proceed along the factor aisle
2 Stop the conveyor belt, destroy the equipment, and deactivate the laser
3 Follow the path to the elevator
4 Defeat the Heartless in the electrical room on the second floor
5 Stop the conveyor belt and destroy the machines
6 Defeat the Unversed in the control room
7 Take the passage going to the power plant
8 Fend off the Heartless in the location of the fire
9 Battle the Heartless at the end of the tank yard
10 Ride the rails over the pipe

Factory Area Walkthrough

2) Use the shelters to shield yourself from the lasers

KH3 Monstropolis Walkthrough 2

You can use the shelters to safely get to the equipment you need to destroy. Be careful of going under shelters that are damaged, since the lasers can easily destroy them.

6) Favorite Deputy is good against mobs of enemies

KH3 Monstropolis Walkthrough 3

By Formchanging the Favorite Deputy Keyblade into the Boost Hammer, you can easily destroy multiple enemies. Use Scream Strike when the gauge is full to quickly defeat crowds.

Door Warehouse Walkthrough

1 Move to the hall at the front of the door warehouse
2 Defeat the giant Unversed

How to defeat the giant Unversed

KH3 Monstropolis Walkthrough 5

During the first phase, the giant Unversed negates magic attacks when the device on its head is glowing. It will also perform three consecutive rushing attacks that ends with a fireball blast from its mouth. Focus on avoiding the boss when it does this instead of going for a counterattack. When it summons multiple “hands” from the ground, focus your attacks on its head.

Head to Twilight Town

1 From the world map, proceed to Twilight Town
2 Approach the cafe
3 You will be granted access to 100 Acre Wood


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KH3 Sora, Donald and Goofy in Monstropolis
Sora and his friends explore the world of Monsters, Inc. called Monstropolis. The heroes meet Mike and Sulley, monsters who collect the screams of children to use as energy to keep their city running. Sora, Donald, and Goofy become involved in the riot going on.

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