Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Young Xehanort Boss Guide (Limit Cut)

A boss guide on Young Xehanort (Limit Cut Episode) in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind. Included are the boss' attacks and strategies to defeat them.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Remind - Young Xehanort Limit Cut Episode Boss Guide
Data Young Xehanort is one of the boss enemies encountered in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind.

Re:Mind Radiant Garden Walkthrough Limit Cut Episode Guide

Recommended Level

It is recommended to have Sora at max level 99 to avoid getting knocked out in one hit.

Recommended Equipment and Abilities

Weapon Ultima Weapon, Oblivion, Oathkeeper
Items Kupo Coin
Abilities Glide, Block, Reprisal ability, Final Blow, Payback Strike


1) Whip strike

Data Young Xehanort furiously lashes you with an icy whip. The attack has a long reach.

2) Ice bomb

Data Young Xehanort surrounds himself with ice bullets and then sends them after Sora.

3) Continuous swing

Data Young Xehanort charges while spinning. After guarding all the bullets, he might punish you afterward.

4) Magic Circle

Data Young Xehanort draws a clock on the ground to stop time. He can follow up with a continuous swing.

5) Keyblade Spin

Restores health while spinning his weapons. He can stop time and deliver a continuous swing.


1) Watch out for the clock

Data Young Xehanort has the power to manipulate time. The tell is when he spins the Keyblade or draws the clock. When you see him plant it on the ground, immediately back away.

2) Look for an opening

The boss’ spinning attack can be punished with a reprisal. When he starts using the spinning attack, wait for him to do his continuous swings. You can interrupt him after he does a follow up right after his last continuous swing. In addition, you can opt to follow up with a Payback strike after an aerial recovery.

3) Make Use of Rage Form

Use Sora’s Rage Form command when you Sora in a pinch. This will help Sora recover HP while unleashing attacks to Data Young Xehanort.


Name Effects
Magic Weight Grants a moderate boost in Magic (Magic: 3).
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