Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) - Items List

A list of all items in Kingdom Hearts 3, including their effects and price in the Moogle Shop.

Items List

A variety of consumable items can be used by Sora’s party in Kingdom Hearts 3. Item effects range from healing or curing party members to granting them temporary buffs in battle. Items are obtained through chests, rewards, enemies on defeat, or bought in the Moogle Shop.

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List of Items

Name Effects Synthesis
Potion Restores 80 HP to one teammate. (Equippable)
Mega Potion Restores 160 HP to your whole team. (Equippable) Lucid Shard (3), Shooting Shard (3), Pulsing Shard (3), Hungry Stone (1)
Ether Restores 100 MP to one teammate. If you are recharging MP, this restores half the gauge. (Equippable)
Panacea Removes all negative status effects from one teammate and provides temporary immunity. (Equippable)
Defense Boost Permanently raises Defense by 1. Use this  item from the menu. Wellspring Gem (5), Lucid Crystal (2), Twilight Crystal (2), Sinister Gem (2), Hungry Crystal (1)
Magic Boost
AP Boost Permanently raises Maximum AP by 1. Use this item from the menu. Wellspring Stone (3), Betwixt Shard (3), Twilight Shard (3), Hungry Stone (1), Hungry Shard (1)
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