Kingdom Hearts 3 (KH3) Re:Mind - Olympus Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough of Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3, including ally characters, obtainable equipment, and items.

Olympus Walkthrough

Ally Characters in Olympus


Obtainable Elements


Weapon Details
Knight’s Shield+ Obtained by upgrading the Knight’s Shield in the smithing workshop in Olympus
Hero’s Origin Obtained after clearing the World.

Formchanges: Counter Shield


Equipment Details
Shield Belt Treasure chest
Guardian Belt Treasure chest
Power Ring Treasure chest
Ability Ring Treasure chest
Bronze Necklace Treasure Chest
Hero’s Belt Obtained after finding all Gold Hercules Dolls.
Fire Cufflinks Battlegate Reward
Cosmic Belt+ Battlegate Reward

View Olympus Map

Olympus Walkthrough


1 Defeat the enemy at the square
2 Scale the wall using free-run
3 Defeat the group of Heartless in the middle of the coliseum
4 Go with Goofy to the back of the fire
5 Defeat the Heartless attacking the people
6 Help the people in the garden
7 An event in the alley
8 Kill the enemy within the time limit
9 Destroy the broken walls
10 Defeat the horde of Heartless

Attack at the Coliseum

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 1

6) Help the citizen to escape

A person in the garden needs to be rescued. Defeat the Heartless nearby and talk to the people there to receive a Potion.

8) Use Formchange and Link Attack

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 2

Attacking with your Keyblade using Formchange allows you to deal continuous damage to enemies. Use the finishing attack while in Second Form take care of surrounding foes. You can also use Link attacks with Donald and Goofy to sweep through the enemies.

10) Battle with the Massive Heartless

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 3

The massive Heartless hits hard with its axe and rocks. Attack it from the left side and aim for its head. You can use Link attacks with Hercules to take it down fast.

Mount Olympus Path

2) Climb the summit using the wall

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 4

As you climb the wall, the Titan will drop rocks in your direction. You will take damage if you get hit and be forced out of free-run. Avoid the rocks as you come up.

Battle the Rock Titan

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 5

Attack both legs of the Rock Titan until their HP is depleted. This will allow you to climb to its head. Use finishing attacks and Attraction Flow to do big damage to its noggin.

Click here for a detailed guide on how to defeat this boss.

Mount Olympus

1 Defeat the enemy at the front yard
2 Climb the stairs and head towards the corridor
3 Move further by sliding along the rails
4 Stengthen the Knight’s Shield at the workshop
5 Approach the purple light along the corridor
6 Climb the past the falling debris with Shotlock
7 Defeat the two Titans

Olympus Walkthrough

1) Repeling the Hordes of Heartless

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 6

Avoid taking the horde head-on as you can easily be overwhelmed with counterattacks. Use Fire magic to damage them from a distance before dispersing them with a finishing attack.

4) Using the Smithing Workshop

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 7

Using the Attraction Flow, you can rotate the pot containing iron. Turn them so that the two pots are on top of the bottom pot to strengthen the Knight’s Shield.

6) Use Shotlock to aim at the star-shaped platforms

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 8

Target the star-shaped platforms with Shotlock to reach the top.

7) Battle the Titans

KH3 Olympus Walkthrough 9

Attack the Titans’ faces to deal damage. Climb the rock or use the Attraction flow to get close to the Titans’ faces before using Second Form to bring out the pain.

Click on the names of Titans below for a detailed guide on how to beat them.

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Olympus World Introduction

Olympus Walkthrough

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Yen Sid suggests to Sora that he must go train with Hercules to regain his Keyblade powers. Due to Hercules’ feat of losing his power and successfully gaining it back, Yen Sid implores that he is a perfect trainer for the Keyblade wielder. Sora must then go to Olympus and meet Hercules once again. You can find out more about Kingdom Hearts’ Olympus adventure here.

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