Calamity Ganon Final Boss Guide [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page contains a boss guide on how to defeat the final boss Calamity Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including attack patterns and strategy.

The Scourge of Hyrule Castle and Link’s most enduring nemesis is back and appears as something akin to a demonic tarantula called Calamity Ganon. As the final boss of the game, Calamity Ganon encompasses all the powers of the Blight Ganons. You’ll need to acquaint yourself with a fairly wide arsenal of attacks to rid Hyrule of the great evil once and for all.

Calamity Ganon Final Boss Guide


Attack Description
Fireblight Sweeping Sword Wave A sweeping slash with the fire sword that creates multiple waves of flame.
Fireblight Crushing Sword Wave A downward slash with the fire sword that creates one massive vertical shockwave.
Fire Orb  A small fireball that slowly descends on you. Explodes on impact. High damage.
Guardian Blades Strike Attacks you with the pair of blue blades it has. Quick execution.
Windblight Hurricanes Conjures up to two hurricanes that attack unpredictably at the target. Cannot be blocked.
Windblight Gale Shots Indicated by swirling winds on his weapon. Fires a gust of wind that cannot be blocked.
Blue Energy Shot Fires up to six blue energy shots at the target. Can be deflected back at Ganon.
Waterblight Ice Block Hurls multiple Ice Blocks at the target. Can be destroyed with the Cryonis rune.
Waterblight Ice Explosion Moderate startup. Slams his body on the ground and creates an AOE shockwave of blue energy around him. Wide radius.
Waterblight Spear Throw Hurls the spear directly at the target. Quick startup.
Thunderblight Conduction Pillars Calls down pillars that can be used to conduct electricity to strike nearby targets.
Laser Locks on to the target and shoots a powerful laser. Can be deflected back at Calamity Ganon with a shield with good timing.
Wall Pounce Body Slam Does a body slam on the target from the wall. Short range but has a wide radius.
Invincibility Shield Coats itself with a glowing orange shield that is impervious to most attacks, save for really powerful ones which can disable it.


  • Head


First Phase

If you’ve managed to free the spirits of the four Champions of Hyrule, you’ll fight Calamity Ganon at 50% of his health. If you haven’t freed them all, the ones you did will each take out 1/8 of the Ganon’s health, fulfilling their long desire to help you on your quest to defeat the scourge of Hyrule Castle.
For much of the first phase of the fight, Calamity Ganon will employ nearly every signature attack available to the Blight Ganon Bosses you’ve defeated throughout the game. Take note that some of them will be more powerful versions of those employed by their original Blight users (such as the Fireblight Sword attacks shooting waves of fire, and the ability to summon multiple Ice Blocks at a time).
Calamity Ganon’s primary weakness is his size, and therefore his speed. Most of his attacks are fairly telegraphed (such as when he starts to raise his Fireblight Sword arm vertically or horizontally). If you’ve managed to get pretty accurate with timing your dodges and shield blocks, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with him. At close range, you can even unleash flurries on him if you perform dodges perfectly. Deflecting his laser attack with your shield will drop him momentarily, at which point you can unleash melee attacks on his head while he lies there.
Having the Master Sword will certainly help in the fight to deal massive damage to him when you manage to stun him temporarily. If summons Ice Blocks to hurl at you, take them out with your Cryonis Rune. For the small Fire Orb that he will throw down, use an Ice Arrow to shoot it as fast as possible.
One of his attacks that are quire hard to dodge is the Windblight Shot, which he usually does while clinging to the wall. You can try to move forward and to the side to get out of its range or use Revali’s gale to gain some altitude and glide around in the battlefield.

Second Phase

The second phase will start once you’ve managed to whittle his health down to half (if the four Champions have all taken a slice of his hide, otherwise, he will go into this phase once he’s at 2/8s of his total health). The boss will now use a glowing orange shield that is impervious to most attacks, save for a very strong one. During this phase, Urobosa’s Fury can take out the shield, as well has having activated Daruk’s Protection. Other options for making him vulnerable to attack is by deflecting his laser shot or blue energy projectiles back at him, which will take out the shield and stun him momentarily.

Besides these, you’ll have a chance at extending the window at which you can attack him by performing perfect dodges while at close-range (most especially during his  Fireblight sword swings). You’ll be able to slow down time for a while, allowing you to unleash more attacks on him. Just keep in mind that flurries will take up a lot of stamina quickly, so do your best to manage it.

Bringing lots of arrows, especially Ancient Arrows will be very useful for most of the fight, as they allow you to chip away at Ganon’s health reliably from afar. Stocking up on healing items is also highly recommended, as simple mistakes will cost you a lot against this boss.

After you’ve defeated Calamity Ganon, it’s time to face the true final boss of the game – Dark Beast Ganon! Click here to go to our Dark Beast Ganon Boss Guide page.

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  1. Once we defeat dark beast ganon, can we continue playing the game? I only had the option to start again at my last save point, which was right before I walked into the tower to battle him.

    • This is one of the many games that does not auto-save after you defeat the final boss. If you want to REALLY beat the game, you can complete all the side quests, get all of the heart containers and stamina vessels, beat all of the bosses, and find all of the memories. Then you can go fight him again, knowing that you really already beat the game. Also, completing the game changes the ending.

      You’re welcome,

    • I just ran away from his attacks, using sprint to throw off aim when necessary until fury and protection came back then used those. It took awhile though.

  2. Thank you so much for this help. I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong during it. I defeated him!! Thanks so much!!

  3. I got to the second phase of this, and I had no idea what to do. I just ended up quitting lol. But now, thx to this, I know finally what to do!