Mini-Game: Carry the Ice Walkthrough [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This article contains a guide on how to complete the Carry the Ice mini-game.

Carry the Ice Mini-Game Walkthrough

When you activate the Carry the Ice Mini-Game, you have to have finished The Perfect Drink shrine quest. Visit the ice house during the day. There’s an undeground room found directly to the north of Gerudo Town. If you want to enter the room, you have to enter it via a floor hatch beneath a very large flat rock. Speak to Anche inside to begin the challenge. Before you start, cough out 50 rupees to initiate the challenge.

Once the challenge begins, make your way through the ruins between the ice house and Gerudo Town. You’ll have to do this while carrying an ice cube above your head. The fastest way to reach the destination is to rely on sand boons. If you want to get those, you have to do “The Eighth Heroine” sidequest. Then, stay on the sand on the east side of the ruins without even stepping directly inside.

This way, the monsters won’t even spot you. Continue to do this until you reach Furosa at the south end of the ruins. When you reach her, drop your cube in front of her to complete the challenge. With that, she’ll reward you with a gold rupee. Fortunately for you, this quest is repeatable and can be used to farm rupees.

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