Divine Beast Vah Ruta Boss Guide [The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This page contains a guide on how to defeat Divine Beast Vah Ruta in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, including attack patterns and strategy.

The Divine Beast Vah Ruta resembles a humongous ship, shooting various ice projectiles at you. Luckily, Sidon is there to give you a lift to outrun its wrath. Defeat it and gain passage to the inner recesses of the Divine Beast itself!

Divine Beast Vah Ruta Boss Guide

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Attack Description
Ice Block Hurl Summons three Ice Blocks that will hurl at you one by one.
Ice Mine Hurl Summons three Ice Mines that will land in the water and chase you.
Ice Block and Mine Hurl Summons five Ice Blocks and Five Ice Mines that will be hurled at you individually. Will come at you from the left or right depending on where the projectile is when Vah Ruta summons them.


  • Shock Arrows to hit its glowing red turbines on the top of its body


The fight will take place in the water, with you riding on Sidon. Keep your camera on Vah Ruta, specifically the three ice blocks that he will hurl at you. Carefully aim you arrow and shoot them down one by one.

Soon, Sidon wil ask you to equip Shock Arrows as he swims to the other side of the beast. When you get near the water pillar, press A to swim up as Sidon tosses you into the air. Once you’re airborne, use the Paraglider to get some hang time, then aim at the red glowing turbine below with a Shock Arrow. Then, quickly hit the other to your right before you start falling. Sidown will catch you. Once you’re on him again, Vah Ruta will start to hurl Ice Mines that go into the water and follow you, so equip normal arrows and shoot them down.

When he tells you equip shock arrows again, do so. You’ll need to attack the red turbines again after Sidon tosses you up the air.

After you’ve landed again, equip normal arrows again.This time, Vah Ruta will get ready to hurl both Ice Blocks and Ice Mines at you. Be sure to watch your left and right as these projectiles will come immediately after the other (whether you’ve shot them down or got hit by them). You’ll get a chance to take out the renaming turbines again when Sidon tosses you into the air yet again.


After you’ve neutralized all glowing red turbines, the boss fight will end, granting you passage to its interior.


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