Ree Dahee Shrine Walkthrough [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This article contains a guide on how to complete Ree Dahee Shrine.

Ree Dahee Shrine Walkthrough – Timing is Critical

For Ree Dahee, there are several slabs with small spheres on them. If you’re going to complete this shrine, you need to get the slabs to slant down. That way, the orbs can reach the receptacles below. But timing’s going to be key for this one. When attempting the first one, step on the button in front of you to tilt the slab. Stay on it until the slab sphere rolls off onto the bottom. There, it will trigger a platform to take you forward.

Unlike the first one, this platform is a little more tricky. This time, there are two moving slabs. However, it shouldn’t be hard as long as you know where they go. Step onto the button until the sphere rolls to the lower platform. When they roll off, move off to have them return. That way, the sphere can roll down the lower platform onto the receptacle. If you step on the button too long, you’ll drop the sphere and have to do it again.

Now, for the final platform. Unfortunately, the slab doesn’t reach the receptacle below. It means you’re going to have to step on the button long enough. Long enough, for the sphere to get the momentum going down. Then, step off at the last moment to have the slab move back up. This then catapults the sphere off to the other side.

When you get to the other side, note that there’s a treasure chest on the ledge above. Unfortunately, it’s on a slab you can’t reach. But fortunately, you can get it. Look down below next to the receptacle to find some barrels. Use Magnesis to send them over to the button as weight. Now run up the slab and reach the chest to grab a Climber’s Bandana. But you can also move the barrels up to the platform. With that, use them as a stepping stool to get up.

After that, head back to the last platform. Greet good ‘ol Monk Ree Dahee before earning a Spirit Orb for your trouble.

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