Toto Sah Shrine Walkthrough [Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild]

This article contains a guide on how to complete Toto Sah Shrine.

Toto Sah Shrine Walkthrough

Inside Toto Sah Shrine, examine the first terminal to trigger a puzzle. You’ll have to turn and flip the controller a bit for this particular shrine. Align the pillar horizontally to create a bridge. Once you do so, it’ll lead you down to the next platform. However, if you flip your controller upside down, you’ll find a treasure chest on the other side.

For the second portion, there are three sets of stairs that you have to align. Then, angle them to create a bridge to the next platform. When doing so, reset your position to a default flat position. After that, angle it gently to form the bridge for you to easily move around. After all, this requires 3D spatial reasoning to get around.

When you reach the last platform for Toto Sah Shrine, the third puzzle is a little harder than the others. First, grab the treasure chest in the opposite side of the structure. Flip the controller upside down to make the necessary adjustments. That way, you have access to both the chest and the possibility of making your way back to the terminal. Opening the chest is indispensable as it contains a small key required to unlock the final door.

After that, head back to the platform. Angle the rotating device so the stairs slide down from their initial position.From there, slight adjust the device’s orientation to create a bridge. It leads to the locked door. After that, open the door and speak to Toto Sah for your Spirit Orb.

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