Live A Live Remake - Watanabe Events Per Chapter

A guide on all Watanabe events per chapter for Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster), including basic information on the recurring side story cutscenes, how to trigger each Watanabe event in each chapter, and other useful tips.

Live A Live Remake - Watanabe Event Per Chapter

Watanabe Event Per Chapter in Live A Live Remake

What are Watanabe Events?

Live A Live Remake - All Watanabe Events Per Chapter

Watanabe events are a type of recurring side story found in each story chapter of Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster). In each Watanabe event, a father-and-son duo collectively dubbed “Watanabe” appear, with the father usually ending up fatally injured (either on- or off-screen) which causes the son to freak out somewhat comically.

Watanabe events do not serve any purpose other than to provide humor in each chapter. The Watanabe pair are depicted differently in each chapter to be consistent with the timeline, though their father-and-son is always implied each scene that they appear in.

All Watanabe Events in Each Chapter

Prehistory Chapter (Pogo’s Scenario)

After knocking Gori to his senses to save the captive female gorillas, head back to the first cave where Zaki had set-up a pit trap. The Watanabe duo can be seen by the hole, appearing as cavemen.

Prehistory Chapter Walkthrough

Imperial China Chapter (The Heart of the Mountain Shifu’s Scenario)

The Watanabe son appears to challenge the members of the Indomitable Fist Fortress to avenge his father during one of the story’s cutscenes.

Imperial China Chapter Walkthrough

Twilight of Edo Japan Chapter (Oboromaru’s Scenario)

The Watanabe pair can be found in the attic of the second building you enter from the start of the level. They father-and-son duo appear as thieving ninjas who plan to steal goods to help their clan.

Twilight of Edo Japan Chapter Walkthrough

The Wild West Chapter (Sundown Kid’s Scenario)

The Watanabe duo appear in one of the story cutscenes as drifters who arrive Success Town after walking through the desert for three days.

The Wild West Chapter Walkthrough

Present Day Chapter (Masaru’s Scenario)

During the match against the Great Aja, the Watanabe father will appear if specific conditions are met during the battle. You must have the Great Aja standing at the lower right corner of the screen. Have him face left and upwards. Masaru, meanwhile, should position himself on a horizontal tile next to him while facing him. The Watanabe father will then appear at random whenever the Great Aja uses his Bite attack.

Present Day Chapter Walkthrough

The Near Future (Akira’s Scenario)

The Watanabe son appears as one of the orphans in the Chibikko House orphanage. He can also be seen in the game’s true ending.

The Near Future Chapter Walkthrough

The Distant Future (Cube’s Scenario)

The Watanabe duo do not appear as characters in this chapter but are instead referenced by the password used to access the Cogito Ergo Sum spaceship’s communication system. The Watanabe gag is also depicted through the fate of the two communication antennas aboard the ship.

The Distant Future Chapter Walkthrough

The Middle Ages (Oersted’s Scenario)

The Watanabe duo appear as characters during one of the scenes at Lucrece warrior’s tournament.

The Middle Ages Chapter Walkthrough

Final Chapter

The Watanabe duo can be found turned to stone in the Dungeon of Instinct.

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