Live A Live Remake - Cube Character Guide

A character guide about Cube in Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster) for Nintendo Switch. This guide will talk about the overview, information, stats and skills.

Live A Live Remake - Cube : The Mechanical Heart Character Guide

Cube Character Guide for Live A Live Remake

Please note that some details are from Japanese sources and this page is currently being updated, more information will be added once the game is available.

Character Overview

Live A Live Remake Cube Icon

A robot made by engineer Kato in a spaceship returning to Earth. Equipped with a function to learn human language, it will learn the role of the ship.

Character Information

Occupation Live A Live Remake - CubeWorker Robot
Abilities Robot
Weapon Robot Weapons
Affiliation Cogito Ergo Sum
Race & Gender Robot | Male
Designer Yumi Tamura


Level HP Power
? 240 26
Speed Vitality IQ
18 96 99
Drunk, Numb, Stoned, Poison, Disabled Hand, and Disabled Foot
Sharp, Firearm, and Mind


  • Data Recovery
  • Repair and Restore
  • Force Shutdown
  • Firewall
  • Packet Lost
  • HP Lookup
  • Spool Up
  • Maser Cannon
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