Live A Live Remake - List of Voice Actors

A list of English and Japanese voice actors for Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster).

Live A Live Remake - List of Voice Actors

List of Voice Actors in Live A Live Remake

Below is a list of voice actors for various story episodes of Live A Live Remake (Live A Live 2022 HD-2D Remaster). Please note that only the Japanese voice cast has been revealed as of this time. Information on the English VAs will be added when it is confirmed from official sources.

Prehistory: The First Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - Prehistory Chapter

The Prehistory scenario takes place during the time of the cavemen. The episode follows the story of Pogo who is exiled from his tribe after his rescue of Bel, a woman intended to be sacrificed to a rival tribe’s god.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Pogo N/A Megumi Ogata
Gori N/A Hiroki Yasumoto
Bel N/A Natsumi Takamori
Zaki N/A Ryo Horikawa

Imperial China: The Successor Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - Imperial China Chapter
The Imperial China scenario is set in Ancient China and tells the story of the ageing Heart of the Mountain Shifu who vows to defeat a rival kung fu school responsible for killing two of his three disciples.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Heart of the Mountain Shifu / Roshi Qiang Wu Hiroya Ishimaru
Yun Jou Alex Mai Hiro Shimono
Lei Kugo Suzie Yang Reina Ueda
Hong Hakka Eric Yang Yu Mizushima
Ou Di Wan Lee Ming Lo Takahiro Sakurai
Narrator Jason Yang Yohei Tadano
Sun Tzu Wang Mark Lee Hayato Horiuchi
Proud Lackey Eric Yang Nobuo

Twilight of Edo: The Infiltrator Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - The Twilight of Edo Chapter

The Twilight of Edo takes place in feudal Japan where the ninja Oboromaru is tasked with the mission of rescuing the political prisoner from a daimyo in league with demonic forces and bent on conquest of the land.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Oboromaru Stephen Fu Tomohisa Hashizume
Ode Lou Jason Yang Norio Wakamoto
Ryoma Sakamoto Martin Sarreal Hochu Otsuka
Enma Clan Master Dai Tabuchi Mugihito
Hayate Mark Lee Tomokazu Sugita
Shiro Amakusa Eric Yang Akira Ishida
Puppetmaster Gennai Dai Tabuchi Shigeru Chiba
Musashi Miyamoto Mark Ota Hidekatsu Shibata
Yodogimi Jennie Kwan Yuhko Kaida

The Wild West: The Wanderer Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - The Wild West Chapter

The Wild West is set during the American frontier. A wandering gunman known as Sundown Kid partners with his old rival Mad Dog to save a town from a powerful gang oppressing the people.

Character English VA Japanese VA
The Sundown Kid Reagan Murdock Akio Otsuka
Mad Dog Mike Romo Toshio Furukawa
Annie Brittany Lauda Miyuki Sawashiro
Billy Alexzandra Sarmiento Naomi Ohzora
Sheriff Cyrus Rodas Tetsu Inada
Barkeep Joseph Balderrama Tomokazu Sugita
Pike David Matranga Koichi Sakaguchi
O.Dio Ben Balmaceda Hidekatsu Shibata
Sancho Ben Balmaceda Takashi Tokita
Delos Joseph Balderrama Ben Takada
Pancho David Matranga Hayato Horiuchi
Wayne Marcus Montgomery Takahiro Kageyama
Dallas Alexzandra Sarmiento Rinko Hayashi
James Joseph Balderrama Kohei Mitoma
Clint Dustin Rubin Satoshi Moritaka
Cesar Marcus Montgomery Ousuke
Watt Nicolette Chin Ayako Uemura

Present Day: The Strongest Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - The Wild West Chapter

The Present Day takes place in the contemporary period and tells the story of Masaru Takahara, a man who goes on a quest to become the strongest in the world by defeating opponents through all fighting styles.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Masaru Takahara Gil Macanas Tomokazu Seki
Namkiat James Phoon Hiro Shimono
The Great Aja Stephen Fu Koichi Sakaguchi
Tula Han Nicholas Corda Yoshitada Otsuka
Seishi Moribe Mark Ota Yosuke Akimoto
Max Morgan Dustin Rubin Hiroki Yasumoto
Jackie Iaukea Brent Mukai Tomokazu Sugita
Odie O’Bright Yaron Mesika Banjo Ginga

The Near Future: The Outsider Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - The Near Future Chapter

The Near Future follows the adventure of Akira Tadokoro, an orphan in the not-so-distant future who seeks out a notorious criminal biker gang known as the Crusaders.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Akira Tadokoro David Cui Cui Kenji Akabane
Lawless Matsu Andrew Lee Hideo Ishikawa
Fujibei Dai Tabuchi Cho
Taroimo Tim Faulkner Nobuo
Kaori Tadokoro Suzie Yeung Shiori Mikami
Taeko Jennie Kwan Noriko Shitaya
Watanabe Nicolette Chin Ayako Uemura
Yuki Triya Leong Naomi Ohzora
Kazu Suzie Yeung Rinko Hayashi
Aki Brittany Lauda Ousuke
Orphanage Matron Siho Ellsmore Asako Sato
Tadashi Tadokoro Jason Yang Tomokazu Sugita
Akira Child Ver Suzie Yeung Shiori Mikami
W1 Dai Tabuchi Takashi Tokita
Yoshikazu Stephen Fu Kazuhiko Shimamoto
Doctor Livingstill (Shinderuman) Mark Ota Ryusei Nakao
General Yamazaki Mark Lee Tessyo Genda
Priest Unryu Dai Tabuchi Shigeru Chiba

Far Future: Mechanical Heart Voice Actors

Live A Live Remake - Far Future Chapter

The Far Future takes place in a distant future and tells the story of the maintenance robot Cube who begins investigating the incident of an escaped Behemoth monster that killed the crew transporting it to earth.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Cube Himself Himself
Yoshiyuki Kato James Bradwell Akira Ishida
Huey Trumbull Shash Hira Nozomu Sasaki
Rachel Klein Penelope Rawlins Yuko Kaida
Kirk Wells Brent Mukai Kazuhiko Inoue
Corporal Darthe Barnaby Edwards Naoya Uchida
Hor Bishop Glen McCready Tetsu Inada
Ship Orientation Announcer Alexzandra Sarmiento Asako Sato
Captain Square David Matranga Tomokazu Sugita

The Middle Ages: The Lord of Dark Voice ActorsLive A Live Remake - The Middle Ages Chapter

The Middle Ages follows the tale of the Oersted, a knight who leads a party to rescue the kidnapped princess of Lucretia and defeat a powerful entity known as The Lord of Dark.

Character English VA Japanese VA
Oersted Dario Coates Yuichi Nakamura
Straybow Nicholas Corda Shizuma Hodoshima
Hasshe Andrew James Spooner Takayuki Sugo
Uranus Andres Williams Mugihito
The King of Lucrece Andrew Wheildon Yohei Tadano
Princess Alethea Nicolette Chin Miho Arakawa
The Minister Tim Faulkner Tomokazu Sugita
The Lord of Dark Glen McCready Hiroki Yasumoto

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Other News

Game Overview

Live A Live Remake - Game Overview 1

Live A Live (2022) is a remake of the role-playing video game released in 1994 by Square for the Super Famicom. The game follows the story of eight different protagonists across nine story scenarios or “episodes” that take place in distinct periods of human civilization. Players will be able to freely begin any of the first seven episodes while the final two are unlocked by progressing further into the game.


Live A Live Remake - Gameplay 5 Live A Live Remake - Gameplay 1

Gameplay in Live A Live Remake consists of exploration and combat sections, with each story scenario having gameplay elements unique to the episode. Combat, in particular, is triggered through different conditions in each scenario, with some chapters having scripted, random, and optional encounters.

Live A Live Remake - Gameplay 2 Live A Live Remake - Gameplay 3

Live A Live Remake features turn-based battles using characters that have access to unique attacks, skills, and abilities. Defeating enemies yields experience points, allowing each character to level up to gain new actions in combat. Some skills and abilities, meanwhile, can only be learned by reaching certain points of each story chapter or by seeing an enemy use them in battle.

Live A Live Remake - Gameplay 4

Various other unique quirks and mechanics are also implemented throughout the game’s different scenarios. Some episodes require the use of stealth to navigate through an area while others take advantage of a character’s unique ability to gather clues to advance the story or gain the advantage against enemies in battle.

Game Trailer

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel

Game Information

Title Live A Live
Genre Role-Playing
Platform and System Nintendo Switch
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Nintendo
Release date July 22nd, 2022
Official Website

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